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Submitted by Les Niemi

October 9, 1886

The celbration of the fifteenth aniversary of the marriage of T.M. WYLIE and wife, which took place Monday evenning, Oct. 4th, at their residence, has been the all absorbing topic of social interest of the week, and we might say of the previous week.

The guests were invided into the setting room, where hand in hand stood the bride and groom who with bowed head were listenting to the workds of their pastor, while, undoubtedly, their thoughts wandered back to teh tiem just fifteen years ago when Thompson M. WYLIE led Miss Minnie BARNARD, a bashful, blushing maiden to the hymnal alter. Many with thoughtful countenance watched the scene with interest, and many a heart went pit-a-pat as teh service continued and teh minds of the spectators were carried back to tehtime when they were the principals instead of witnesses of a like scene.

After the congratulations the bride and groom were presented with a large number of gifts, brought by the guests, who offered them as momentoes of their regards and of the high respect and esteem they entertained for Mr. WYLIE and wife.

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