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January 12, 1881


Last evening at Highland Villa, in Montmorency, at the residence of L. L. EMMONS, Esq., was a joyous and happy occation. A large number of friends from Sterling, Rock Falls and surrounding country gathered tin response to invitation to witness the nuptials of Mr. Jewlit C. BUELL and Miss Lydia M. EMMONS.

At eight o'clock the groomsman, Mr. Fred BUELL, and bridesmaid, Miss Frankie EMMONS, brother and sister of the contracting parties, entered the parlor, followed by the Groom and Bride, neatly arrayed in wedding attire, taking their assigned positions and were at once confronted by Rev. A. H. STOLE, who in a brief and impressive manner called for the sacred vows, and then pronounced them "one." Hearty congratulations followed from all present after which guests were led to a front rooom where a large table was heavily laden with the gifts that loving friends had brought to the happy pair.

After inspection of these, supper was announced, and guests and all sat down to two long tables inthe spacious dining room, whereon were spread a feast of good things fit for a President. It is rarely indeed that one sits down to a board where everything is so uniformly excellent of its kind as on this occation; and the supply was unlimited as the hospitality ofpioneer settlers.

Then, with music, son and gleesom social intercoarse, hours passed till near the midnight hour, when affectionate leave was taken of Bride and Groom., Host and Hostess, and family, and the guests went gliding homeword under th wintry moon, inthe bracing air, feeling that they had enjoyed one of the merriest occations of their livs, and wishing for long life and happy days for the blushiing Bride and manly Groom, as theyjourney on, hand in hand, together.

The following is a list of the presents with the names of the doners:

Bride's parents, 75 silver dollars
C. C BUELL, $20 gold piece
Geo. D. EMMONS, U. S. Engineer, $10 gold
Fred Buell, $5 gold piece. 
Charles BUELL, same
Mr. & Mrs. A WHEELER, silver cake basket.
Mr. & Mrs,. H. F. BATCHELLER, silver butter dish.
Dr. & Mrs. W. M. SMITH, silver bouquet holder.
Miss Sarah BUELL, majolica ware pitcher.
Miss Gracie EMMONS, letter receiver.
Miss Alice EMMONS, pair chromos.
Miss Hattie PACKER, lace ends.
Miss Kittie WORRELL, toilet cushion.
Mr. E. L. WILSON and Mrs. J. B. RALPH, pearl card case.
Mr. & Mrs. T. H. MACK, marriage certificate.
Mrs. C. C. BUELL, table and towel liinen.
J. M GOLDER, nickel plated clock.
J. NILES and Family, pr. woolen blankets.
Miss Imogene BATCHELLER, pair vases.
Mrs. S. E. HASKELL and Sons, astral (sp?) lamp.
Sammie & Blanche EMMONS, glass fruit dish.
Mrs. H. S. WOODS, silver butter knife.
Mr. & Mrs. H. M. WARD, table linens.
Mr. & Mrs. W. W. BROWN, silver pickle castor.
Mr. & Mrs. J. L. Newton, dox. silver knives.
Miss I. H. TODD, silver butter knife.
Master Paul T. GALT, vase.
Misses Libbie & Frankie EMMONS, dozen napkins.
F. W. & Jennie A. WHEELER, spoon holder.
Mr. & Mrs. M. L. COE, toilet set.
Mr. & Mrs. R. AREY, silver pickle castor.
Miss Ada WARD, card receiver.
D.O. Coe, Jr., silver knife rest.
Dr. J. B. RALPH, cake turner and spoon.
Mr. & Mrs. H. DYER, engraved bouquet stand.
Mr. & Mrs. R. McNEIL, set silver spoons.
Mr. & Mrs. Sidney BARBER, astral lamp.
Mr. & Mrs. E. WOODS, pr vasees & card receiver,
Mr. & Mrs. C. C. DAY, glass set.
Mr. & Mrs. W. B. EMMONS, china chamber set.
J. M BICKFORD, silver butter knife, pickle fork and sugar spoon in case.
Miss Anna PRICE, silver sugar bowl.
Miss Nellie WILSON, bouquest holder and boquet.
L. L. EMMONS, Jr., hanging lamp.
Unknown friend, filled tobacco and snuff boxes.





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