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Submitted by Melva Taylor

The Daily Gazette, Sterling, Illinois
September 28, 1922 - Thursday


Kept Wedding Secret For Over Four Months

Married in Dixon four months ago, Miss Ida Bound and Glenn Daft, both of Prophetstown, suceeded in keeping the event a secret from their friends until this week when announcement of the nuptials was made.

Mr. Daft was editor and business manager of the Prophetstown Echo for about a year until about two weeks ago when he resigned his position to go to La Salle to accept a position on The Daily Post in which paper he has acquired an interest.

Mrs. Daft, who is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Bound of Prophetstown, was also employed on the Echo as reporter and the romance between her and Mr. Daft grew out of their close associaton in the newspaper work. Mrs. Daft resigned her position with The Echo about a week ago, giving no intimation at that time of her marriage.

Mrs. Daft has left for LaSalle to join her husband. She will continue her newspaper work in that city, beginning work on the paper on Friday.

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