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9 May 2011

February 03, 1893
Golden Wedding
January 31, 1843 was the wedding day of Asa R. F. Emmons and Miss Nancy A. Booth, the nuptials being celebrated at or near the present village of Erie, this county, and if the writer's memory is not at fault, Col. R. L. Wilson, late of this city, went down "overland" through very rough weather and many difficulties to officiate, being then probate justice. The bride and groom of that primitive day have been residents of this county ever since, and now reside in Rock Falls, having seen Sterling grow from five houses to its present proportions, and all this country in like proportion. Tuesday relatives an friends of the aged couple, to the number of at least one for each year, gathered at their home to help them celebrate their golden wedding. Of the immediate family there were present all the living children - four, with their companions, except one prevented by illness all the grandchildren within reach, and all great grandchildren, save one in a distant state, with Mr. Emmons two only surviving brothers. Among the guests was a lady who attended the fanfare, who declared that the patriarch of today was then a regular little dude; and in proof of the truth of the assertion the original white wedding vest was produced and, owing to the somewhat increased obesity of the groom, it was tried on his grand-daughter, a slender young lady not yet sweet sixteen, and found to be a pretty fair fit. Rev George H. Wells made a very pretty, complimentary speech,and after congratulations all around by the guests, a very dainty dinner was spread and most heartily enjoyed by all. Social pleasures, among which reminiscences of Auld Lang Sine were prominent features, filled in the hours till the sinking sun caused all faces to turn homeward. Many beautiful and valuable tokens of affectionate regard were left by the departing guests as reminders of the happy occasion, the like of which so few couples, alas are ever permitted to enjoy.

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