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Submitted by Melva Taylor
2 Feb 2007

The Daily Gazette, Sterling, Illinois
June 3, 1920 - Thursday, pg. 8, col. 2



Prophetstown Couple Entertained Royally by Their Sons

Prophetstown, Ill.,June 3 -- Wednesday, June 2, just fifty years ago, William Mathis and Miss Celia Schuck were married in Geneseo, Ill., and following their marriage took up the battle of life together at Hooppole, Ill. After ten years on the farm this couple concluded to cast their lots elsewhere and came to Prophetstown where Mr. Mathis engaged in the grain and lumber business in copartnership with George W. Olmstead, which was successfully conducted for a number of years. Selling out both of the partners have been living a more retired life, yet Mr. Mathis has always been employed in a official capacity since coming here. His career has always been a busy one, both socially and in business.

In view of the fact the sons wanted to have the couple to remember the anniversary, particularly the three boys, an outing was planned for them. Together with their families they went to Davenport where arrangements had been made with the proprietor of the Blackstone Hotel for a suite of rooms and for the serving of a banquet. In the first place the company were to be met at the depot with limousines and taken to the principle points of interest in the tri-cities. This outing was kept a secret from the couple, the whole affair being one round after another of surprises for them.

The fact that only a spirit of love would prompt such an act on the part of the children would make the occasion doubly enjoyable for the aged parents, and it goes without saying that this particular day will be one of the brightest in all their life's history, and the memories will be cherished to the end of the journey when they will meet on the other shore.

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