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5 Jun 2011

CHARLES WARD, farmer, resident on section 1, Mt. Pleasant Township, was born June 17, 1823, in Niagara Co., N.Y. Nahum M. and Diadamia (Diver) Ward, his father and mother, were born in Massachusetts and had four children, named John H., Charles, George W., and Nelson. Mr. Ward was a resident of his native county more than 40 years, removing thence in the spring of 1864 to Whiteside County. He bought the farm on which he has since prosecuted the purposes of his life, comprising 197 acres of land, situated in Mt. Pleasant Township; and has added thereto by later purchase until he is at present the proprietor of 287 acres of land, nearly all of it being under excellent tillage. Mr. Ward is an adherent of the Republican Party.

He first united in marriage in Niagara Co., N. Y., Nov. 20, 1850, to Mary Tompkins. Their only child died in infancy, and the death of the young wife and mother soon ensued. She died Aug. 2, 1852. The husband remained single until May 29, 1860, when he was again married, in Onondaga Co., N. Y., to Amanda Mitchell. Their family comprises four children, - Hattie B., George W., Edward R. and Amanda M. Mrs. Ward was born Oct. 23, 1836, in Cayuga Co., N. Y. Her parents, Edward R. and Harried (Winegar) Mitchell, were natives on the Empire State and had three children, named Amanda, Charles W. and Lydia M.

Source: Portrait & Biographical Album, Whiteside Co., IL
Originally published 1885 - Chapman Bros., Chicago, IL  

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