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7 Jun 2011


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WILLIAM H. MAXFIELD, farmer, section 24, Mt. Pleasant Township, was born Oct. 21, 1841, in Bristol, R. I. Nathaniel and Susan (Sherman) Maxfield, his father and mother, were born in New England. After their marriage they located at Bristol, whence they came in 1855 to Whiteside County, settling at Como. The mother died in February, 1870, in Hopkins Township. The father lives in the township of Mt. Pleasant. Their ten children were named William H., Frank S., Mary A., Maria W., Georgianna, Nathaniel, Eva H., Elizabeth, Harriet and Winnifred L.

Mr. Maxfield was 13 years of age when he came to Whiteside County, where he has since lived. He is now one of th heavy land-holders of Mount Pleasant Township, owning 240 acres, which lie partly in section 24 of the township, on which his residence is located, and on section 19 of Hopkins Township. The entire area is practically all under tillage. Mr. Maxfield deals quite extensively in stock, his herds containing 60 head of cattle and nine horses, and he raises an annual average of 100 hogs.

His marriage to Jennie McElrath took place in Como, July 4, 1864. Their children were named Minnie e., William H., Jr., and Walter I. Mrs. Maxfield is of Irish and Scotch origin, her parents, John and Jane (Jackson) McElrath, having been natives respectively of Ireland and Scotland. They became residents of Whiteside County about 1856, locating in Mt. Pleasant Township, where they spent the remainder of their days. The demise of the mother occurred June 1, 1872, and that of the father in the month of October following. Margaret, Thomas, John, Eliza, Jennie and William W. are the names of their children. Mrs. Maxfield was born in Ireland, April 20, 1843, and was about five years old when her parents emigrated to the United States.

Mr. Maxfield is a Republican in political connection and views. He has officiated in several local offices.

Source: Portrait & Biographical Album, Whiteside Co., IL
Originally published 1885 - Chapman Bros., Chicago, IL  

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