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JACOB L.MYERS, resident on section 22, Genesee Township, has been a farmer all his active life, and is now living in retirement. He was born Nov. 29, 1829, in Carroll Co., Md. Joseph Myers, his father, was a native of Pennsylvania, and was of mixed German and English descent. He was a carder and fuller by trade, and worked at that business a month the pioneers of Pennsylvania and Maryland. He is yet living in McDonough Co., Ill., and is 82 years of age. He married Mary Lehman, a native of York Co., Pa., and a descendant of the Pennsylvania Dutch. Her father was a carder and fuller, and also a farmer. She died in Pennsylvania, July 6, 1872, aged 69 years. She became the mother of seven sons and two daughters.

Mr. Myers continued to live in Maryland until he was six years of age, when his parents went to York Co., Pa., where he attended the common schools, and was reared to the age of 20 years on his father’s farm. In 1849 he was apprenticed to learn the trade of a miller. He first passed a winter in that employ, working for $30 for the season. He afterward received regular wages, following the same business about eight years.

He came during that period to Whiteside County, and located at the mouth of Buffalo Creek, in Juda Township, where Joseph M. Wilson’s mill was in operation. He was married in 1857, and resided for a time at a point on section 33, Jordan Township, yet known as Bressler’s Mill. A few months after locating there he removed to his farm in the same township.  He had purchased previous to his marriage 80 acres of land, and on this he pursued his agricultural interests about seven years. He purchased 120 acres of land in Genesee Township, and, in 1864, took permanent possession of the place. He is now the owner of 526 acres in first-class condition, and constituting one of the fines farms in Genesee Township, beautified and increased in value by its buildings. He also owns 40 acres of timber, and the same amount of pasture. He has been extensively interested in raising stock.

Mr. Myers was married Dec. 3, 1857, in Lee Co., Ill., to Nancy, daughter of Joseph and Mary (Moreland) Cohenour, natives respectively of Ireland and the Dominion of Canada. They were married in Huntington Co., Pa., and her father was a wagon-maker by occupation. Mrs. Myers was born Feb. 5, 1830, in Orbisonia, Huntington Co., Pa., and is one of a family of nine children. Her father removed with his family when she was 24 years of age, to the western part of Lee County. Four children that have been born to her and her husband are all married. Mary E., born Sept. 27, 1858, is the wife of Daniel Shank, of Genesee Township; Joseph E., born Nov. 28, 1859, married Mattie Runion; Ann Eliza, born Nov. 29, 1860, married Jacob Hager; John A., born Aug. 8, 1862, married Mary Swigart. They all live in Genesee Township.

The family are members of the Dunkard Church. Mr. Myers has been many years a Deacon, and has officiated four years as a minister. He is a Republican, and in his political connections is one of the most reliable citizens of his township. He has held several local offices.

 Source: Portrait & Biographical Album, Whiteside Co., IL
Originally published 1885 - Chapman Bros., Chicago, IL  

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