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6 Mar 2012

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WILLIAM BRYANT, dealer in Iive stock at Erie, is a son of James and Emily (Benson) Bryant, and was born in Portland Township, Oct. 11, 1850. His father was a native of Knox Co., Ohio, a farmer by occupation, and at present resides in Portland Township. He was one of the first settlers in that township, married there and reared a family of four children.

Mr. Bryan was reared on his father's farm, Portland Township, where he received the advantages afforded by the common schools, assisted in the maintenance of the family, and developed into manhood.

He was married in Geneseo, Henry Co., Ill.,  May 27, 1873, to Miss Almeda Blaisdell, daughter of Mason and Alzina (Rowe) Blaisdell, and was born in Portland Township, July 31 1857. The issue of  their union was three children, two born in Portland Township, and one in Erie Township: Lorena, March 29, 1875; Emil, Dec. 15, 1882; Ralph C., Oct. 28, 1884. After his marriage, Mr. Bryant resided on 64 acres of land in Portland Township, which belonged to his father; his wife received 67 acres of land adjoining that on which he resided, making 131 acres, where they lived until October, 1882, when he moved into the village of Erie. Having since become the proprietor of the farm, he rents it. Since moving to the village he occupies his time in buying live stock and shipping to Chicago, in which business he is associated with Charles H. McLean.

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