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Portrait & Biographical Album of Whitside Co. 1885
15 Apr 2005

Source: Portrait & Biographical Album of Whiteside County, IL
Originally published 1885
Chapman Bros., Chicago, IL

Transcribed by: Becky Jones

Samuel Albertson is a farmer on section 14, Sterling Township, where he settled in September, 1841, on a portion of the land included in a claim made by his twin brothers, John J. and Isaac H. Albertson, in 1835, the second year in which settlements were made in the township. Their father and mother, Joseph and Elizabeth (Ham) Albertson, were natives of Dutchess Co., N.Y., whence they removed to Monroe County, in the same State. They continued to reside there during the remainder of their lives. They had a family of ten children, who lived to mature life, and were named Frederick, Isaac and John (twins), David, Daniel, Jane, Maria, Phebe, Samuel and Willet.

Mr. Albertson was born in Dutchess Co., N.Y., Jan 18, 1818. He was under the authority of his parents until he was 21 years of age, and attended school until he was 16 years of age. He then took charge of his father’s farm one year, after which he came to Whiteside County, whither his brothers had come six years before. The farm, of which he has since been the owner, contains a mineral spring, which is visited by many people during the summer season. It is known as the “Woodlawn Mineral Spring,” and is highly esteemed for its curative properties. It is located about two miles east of the city of Sterling, and has become quite popular. It is in a grove, and accommodations for guests have been constructed in the way of bath-houses and other buildings. The farm of Mr. Albertson contains 135 acres, of which 90 acres are under tillage.

He was married Nov. 5, 1839, at Rochester, N.Y., to Hannah DeGarmo. Her parents, Elias and Clemma (Powell) DeGarmo, were Quakers, and were born in Dutchess Co., N.Y. They died in Monroe County. Their children were eight in number, and were named John, Lydia, Mary Ann, Hannah, Rufus, Peter and Jane. Mrs. Albertson was born July 6, 1819, in Ulster Co., N.Y. To her and her husband three children were born: Harriet J., Arthur and Ella M., only one of whom survives. Arthur died June 6, 1868, when he was 24 years and six months old; Ella died Aug. 22, 1878; she was 27 years old, and was the wife of John E. Woodyatt. She left three children—Arthur, Gracie and Lulu M. Mr. Albertson is a Republican in political sentiment, and has held several official positions. The family were believers in the Quaker doctrines preached by George Fox.

The portrait of Mr. Albertson, which appears on a preceding page, is copied from a likeness recently taken.

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