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4 May 2005

Source: Portrait & Biographical Album of Whiteside County, IL
Originally published 1885 Chapman Bros., Chicago, IL

Transcribed by: Becky Jones

Page 447

James L. Peugh, section 10, Genesee Township, was born on section 17, in the township where he has always lived, Dec. 11, 1854. He is the son of C.B. Peugh, of whom an account is given elsewhere in this volume. He was brought up as a farmer’s son, and remained at home until he was 18 years old, meanwhile obtaining such education as was possible at the district schools of Genesee Township. In 1872 he entered the College at Wheaton, Ill., where he studied a year.

Mr. Peugh was married June 29, 1878, at Coleta, to Alice, daughter of W.H. Colcord, whose personal sketch may be found on another page. She was born June 28, 1860, in Genesee Township. Mrs. Peugh is an accomplished musician, and has given much attention to the acquisition of superior skill in instrumental music.

Mr. and Mrs. Peugh located on a farm of 80 acres in their native township, of which he had become the owner previous to his marriage. They were its occupants three years, after which it was sold, and the family removed to Coleta. Mr. Peugh had contracted a disease of the eyes and was obliged eventually to abandon his business, in order to take a course of systematic treatment. The disease was technically termed granulated eye-lids and he was treated by Dr. Galt, of Rock Island, Ill., and also by Dr. Holmes. In the fall of 1881 he made a purchase of 60 acres of land on section 10, in his native township, on which he and his wife have since resided. The place is all under tillage.

Mr. Peugh is a member of the Christian Church and is a Trustee of the society. He is a Democrat in political persuasion

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