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Portrait & Biographical Album of Whiteside Co. 1885 Page 509
1 Dec 2005

Martin Baer (spelled also Bare), is one of the leading farmers of Whiteside County, owning a large and valuable farm on section 26, Jordan Township, was born Nov. 7, 1824, in Manor Township, Lancaster Co., Pa.

His father, Martin Baer, was born in the same county and was of Swiss lineage. The latter was a farmer and a man of unblemished rectitude of character, holding an honorable position in the German Reformed Mennonite Church. He died in Lancaster County, In October, 1875, aged 86 years and six months. Elizabeth Harnish was the name of the mother of Mr. Baer of this sketch, before her marriage. She was of German origin and was born in Lancaster County. Her father was a prominent and wealthy farmer in Lancaster County. She died in June, 1880, in the city of Lancaster, and was upwards of 83 years of age.

Mr. Baer is the oldest of seven children. David, his brother, next younger is deceased. Esther, Lydia, Susanna, Francis and Franklin are named in the order of their birth. Mr. Baer is the only one who has left his native State. He attended school till he was 18 years old, and also assisted on the homestead farm. After the age named he devoted his attention exclusively to the business of a farmer until he was 26 years of age.

He was married Dec. 17, 1850, in Lancaster City, Pa., to Mary Herr, daughter of Henry and Catherine Herr. Her parents lived and died in their native county of Lancaster, where they were prominent farmers. Her father died Dec. 20, 1884, being nearly 84 years of age. The mother was 59 years old when she died, in February, 1863. Mrs. Baer was born July 13, 1825, in Manor Township, Lancaster Co, Pa., and is the oldest child of her parents. She resided at home until her marriage, and received a good education in both German and English. The seven children of which she is the mother were born as follows: Henry was born Oct. 2, 1857, and resides in Ogle County, on a farm. Jonas was born Jan. 16, 1853. His personal record is given on another page. Elizabeth was born Jan. 1, 1854, and married John P. Hoy (should read "Hey"), a farmer in Jordan Township (see sketch). Ezra, born Aug. 19, 1859, is engaged in farming and bee culture in the township of Palmyra, Lee Co., Ill. Abraham, born March 19, 1861, lives on a farm in Hopkins Township. Catherine was born Aug. 13, 1863; Franklin, Aug. 15, 1866.

Subsequent to his marriage Mr. Baer conducted the affairs of his father's farm six years. In April, 1857, he came to Illinois, going at first to McDonough County. In August following, the family came to Whiteside County, to the city of Sterling. In the same year the father purchased 160 acres of land in Jordan Township, to which he removed his family in March of the following year (1858). The place has been imporved until it ranks with the best farms inthe county, an s supplied with a good and commodious residence, excellent farm buildings and stock. Mr. Baer is justly estimated as a skillful and judicious farmer. He is an adherent of the Republian party, and has served as Township Clerk and in several other official positions of less importance. The entire family has strong prediliections for books, and are accordingly well read and intelligent. Mrs. Baer is a member of the Reformed Mennonite Church.

Accompanying the foregoing sketch, nothing could be more appropriate than a protrait of the suject, which is given on the opposite page.

Steve J. Dean writes the following:
Hi! Thanks so much for your great, hard work. I found your site doing a search for my great, great grandfather, Martin Baer. Here's your link: 1707348/38445.htm I thought you might like to know that there is a typo/misspelling. > Elizabeth was born Jan. 1, 1854, and married John P. Hoy, a farmer in > Jordan Township... "Hoy" is my great grandfather and his name is "Hey." He is the father of the "Hey Brothers" of "Hey Brothers Ice Cream." Steve J. Dean (my mom is Janna Hey Dean of Sterling) .

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