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3 Dec 2005

Source: Portrait & Biographical Album of Whiteside County, Illinois
Originally published 1885
Chapman Bros., Chicago, IL

Transcribed by: Denise McLoughlin
Tampico Area Historical Society

Page 246

Mrs. Dr. Cinda T. Reed, of Fulton, and widow of Dr. Daniel Reed, is deserving of appropriate mention in the biographical department of this work. She was born in the town of Bethlehem, Litchfield Co., Conn., May 13, 1801, is the daughter of Dr. Jesse and Hannah Pritchard Meigs, and a cousin of ex-Governor John R. Meigs, of Ohio, and of Dr. Charles D. Meigs, President of the Philadelphia Medical College.

Her father was a popular physician of Litchfield Co., Conn., and she, while a child, accompanied him in his professional visits, and soon evinced a marked interest in the nature of medicines and the mnethod of treatment of the cases under his care, so much so that her father, in answer to her numerous questions, incidentally imparted to her much valuable information. She married a physician, Dr. Daniel Reed, at Sandy Creek, Oswego Co., N. Y., May 1, 1828. She often accompanied her husband, as she had her father, in his professional rounds, and having access to his books, she availed herself of them to perfect her knowledge of medicine.

On coming to Fulton with her husband in 1838, she rendered valuable assistance to Dr. Reed in the care of his patients, especially during the sickly seasons so common in the early settlement of this region. At one time, during the absence of the Doctor from the city, the care of a large number of sick fell to her charge. She turned her house into a hospital, and several of the leading business men of Fulton were thankful to be under her skillful treatment. Her husband retired from practice about 1860, and she became the doctor iin earnest. She went to every call, at all times of day or night, in storm or sunshine. Many a cold wintry night she was called out of her bed to travers snow-drifted streets to attend some patient. She was successful to a remarkable degree, and continued to practice upward of 20 years.

An adventure that befell Mrs. Reed many years ago is deserving of mention. She had been visiting Dr. Bassett;s family at Lyons with her husband in early spring, before the break-up began, and was returning in the evening on the ice on foot to Fulton. Her husband carried a pole with which to test the ice, but in spite of his caution, when about two thirds of the distance ahd been traversed, the ice gave way and they found themselves int the river and in imminent danger of being carried under the ice by the strong durrent. Mrs. Reed worked herself around to the strongest part of the ice where by a desperate effort she succeeded in raising herself upon it; then, by the aid of the  pole which her husband had carried, she pulled him out! He was in favor of returning to the Iowa side, but Mrs. Reed had left a family of children at home and was determined to make the crossing, which they did, in safety, although with clothes frozen stiff. This incident goes to prove the heroic energy of the lady, who by her cool courage and nerve saved her own life as well as that of her husband.

During the late war Mrs. Reed was President of the Soldiers' Aid Society, and did noble service in the sanitary cause.

She united with the Methodist Episcopal Church when 16 years of age, and has been a consistent member of that denomination continuously since. She is now 84 years of age, but with eyes as bright and faculties as perfect as many a lady of half her years. She is a remarkably bright and intelligent lady, possessed of many estimable qualitites of mind and heart. Her life has been rich in acts of usefulness and kindess, and now, as the shadows lengthen she is happy in the assurance of a safe place in the love and esteem of a large cirlce of acquaintances and friends. She reared a family os six children, of whom mention is made in the sketch of her husband.

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