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Portrait & Biographical Album of Whiteside Co. 1885
22 Aug 2006

Transcribed by: Denise McLoughlin
Tampico Area Historical Society

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William P. TABER, farmer, section 26, Portland Township, was born in Erie Co., N. Y., Sept. 17, 1856. His father, William TABER, was also a farmer, a native of Washington Co., N. Y., and served in the War of 1812, being a Captain in the same. His mother, nee Isabel PRATT, was a native of Massachusetts. Both his parents are now s\deceased, and of their fie children three are now living: William P., the eldest; Andrew J., a farmer in Genoa, Nebraska; and Valentine, a farmer in Potowatomie Co, Iowa. The two deceased were Lydia M. HINCHMAN and Nancy PAYTNER.

Mr. William P., the subject of this biographical notice, is of Quaker descent and has lived up to two of the leading traits of that sect, namely; he has never used intoxicating liquors of any kind, or turned a hungry man from his door without satisfying his hunger. On one occasion he was standing in his door-yard, in company with a neighbor, when a stranger approached bearing on his countenance and in his dress the marks of poverty, and asked for something to eat. The neighbor asked the stranger how he came in such a condition; whereupon, Mr. TABER reprimanded him, saying "it is none of our business; he is hungry and we should give him to eat;" and he did.

His father moved West in 1828, locating in Knoxville, Ill., where they resided until 1837; they removed thence to Phenix Township, Henry Co., this State, where he and his father together owned 700 acres of land, raised large numbers of cattle, and also bought and drove the same species of property for 12 years, driving them to Chicago, Milwaukee and Racine, before the days of railroads. Mr. T. has handled a large amount of live stock in his time.

In 1853 Mr. TABER came to Portland Township, this county, and purchased 200 acres of his home specialty of Holstein cattle, having over 60 head of high grades, including one thoroughbred from Dr. PRATT, of Elgin, Ill. He usually has 125 to 150 head of cattle. He also owns 18 head of fine Norman Percheron horses, - some of the best in this section of the State. Mr. TABER also deals very largely inhogs, fattening and shipping from two to four carloads annually. Besideshe has a respectable apiary. In 1884 he shipped 1,800 pounds ofwhite-clover honey to Chicago, at the same time reserving several hundred pounds for homeuse.

Socially, Mr. TABER is a Freemason, and is perhaps more acquainted in the count than any other man.

He was married in Portland Township, Whiteside County, Setup. 17, 1844, To Miss Hester C., daughter of Smith and Fanny (BOOTH) HURD, and a native  of State of Vermont. Mr. and Mrs. TABER are the parents of four children,namely: Rothild, widow of R. B. KELLY, and residing wither her parents; Ocelia, the wife of Barney MCGRADY, a farmer of Tampico, this county; Jane E., wife of J. Q. HILL, a farmer of Prophetstown Township; and Herman L. residing on the homestead.

Mr. TABER was reared on the farm; and, on account of the newness ofthe countryin which he resided, and consequently the lack ofcommon schools, as well as the necessity which reauired him to labor for themaintenance of thefamily, his education was limited. He has, nevertheless, improved histime inobtaining practical information, and is remarkably wellinformed on subjects in general. Mr. TABER may be truly said to be a self-made man, financially as well as in an educational point of view. As a gentleman respected by all who know him, and one worthy to be remembered by the generations to come, we givehis likeness in this work, that those who survive him may recognize the countenance ofone of Whiteside County's respected and lamented citizens.

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