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Portrait & Biographical Album of Whiteside Co. 1885
12 Nov 2006

Source: Portrait & Biographical Album of Whiteside County, IL
Originally published 1885 Chapman Bros., Chicago, IL

Transcribed by: Becky Jones
Pages 245-246

David G. Proctor, farmer, section 6, Genesee Township, was born July 23, 1840, in Shawswick Township, Lawrence Co., Ind. George R. Proctor, his father, was born in Kentucky, near Lexington, and was the son of Ezekiel Proctor. The latter removed from Kentucky with his family to Southern Indiana and located near the line of Jackson County, a part of the State that was still in heavy timber. George R. Proctor married Mary W. Green. She was born in Lawrence Co., Ind., where she was brought up and where her marriage took place. Later on, after three children had been added to the family, they removed to Martin, where the father was made Sheriff, and was one of the first officials of the county after its organization. He was a man of good judgment and fair education, and in early manhood he had spent some years in teaching in the public schools. He officiated as Sheriff two years. In 1850 he returned to Lawrence County and left his wife and children on the Green homestead, the estate of her father. He engaged one season in running a flat-boat on the Mississippi River to New Orleans. He set out from St. Joseph, Mo., with the Beck brothers (his brothers-in-law by a former marriage), for California. They drove across the plains with oxen and mules, the journey consuming six months. Mr. Proctor spent three years in the land of gold, with satisfactory results; but returning in the same manner in which he went out, he was taken sick while making the transit, and his accumulations disappeared. He reached his family in Lawrence County, whence he came to Illinois two years later, locating in Whiteside County in October, 1855. This portion of Illinois was then comparatively unorganized and unsettled, and in the year following Mr. Proctor, senior, went to Carroll County, where he died. The mother is 69 years old (1885). The first wife lived but two years after marriage and had no children.

Mr. Proctor of this sketch is the oldest living child of his parents, and is the second in order of birth of the family, which included seven children. He is the only son, and his father’s death left the family, consisting of his mother and six young daughters, dependent on him for support; and by effort and economy he was enabled to fulfill the trust. His oldest sister married William Moxley, one of the first white children born in Genesee Township. He died and left his wife his property, which consisted chiefly of a farm on section 6, and which she gave to her mother when she died, two years later. This property is still held by the mother and that owned by the son lies adjoining. The combined acreage constitutes a fine and well located farm. That owned by Mr. Proctor includes 66 acres and lies in Carroll County.

His marriage to Sarah A. Hurless took place in Genesee Township, Dec. 17, 1865. She was born April 11, 1849, in Holmes Co., Ohio, and is the daughter of Rev. Cephas Hurless, deceased, of whom a full account is presented elsewhere in this work. Her parents removed to Illinois when she was five years of age. She was reared to womanhood in Genesee Township, receiving a good education, and when she reached suitable age and degree of qualification, she engaged in teaching. The six children now included in the family circle were born as follows: Cephas E., April 29, 1867; George R., May 25, 1869; R. Ira, March 1, 1872. (This child is a dwarf. His height is three feet and four inches, or 40 inches, and his weight is 39 pounds. He is perfectly and symmetrically formed.) Minnie J. was born Dec. 10, 1876; Richard, Sept. 13, 1881; Lizzie, Aug. 19, 1883. Mr. Proctor is a Democrat in political persuasion. He has been prominent in local official positions, and has served in the capacities of Tax Collector and those of the several school offices. Mrs. Proctor is a member of the United Brethren Church.

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