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BIOS-Past & Present of Bureau Co. 1906 > John Judson Shugart

4 Aug 2005



Originally published 1906

Pioneer pub. Co.

Chicago, IL

Transcribed by: Denise McLoughlin

Tampico Area Historical Society


Page 347-348


A representative of a pioneer family of Bureau County, John Judson Shugart was born in Dover township, January 30, 1864, and now owns and occupies a valuable farm of two hundred and seventy acres of choice land in the same township. His father purchased one hundred and thirty-four acres of the property at ten dollars per acre in 1857, but it is now worth two hundred dollars per acre, owing to the excellent improvements which have been made thereon and the rise in land values occasioned by the settlement of the county.

Phillip Reed Shugart, the father, was born in Bedford county, Pennsylvania, February 15, 1820, learned the mason’s trade and followed it until he came to Illinois in 1852, when he located on a farm in Dover township and devoted the remainder of his life to agricultural pursuits. He married Rebecca Cox, who was born May 25, 1825, at Hayesville, Ashland county, Ohio, where the marriage was celebrated April 22, 1847. Unto them were born two sons and five daughters.

Reared on the old homestead farm, John J. Shugart began his education in the district schools of Dover township and completed his studies in the Princeton high school. After putting aside his text-books he remained at home, working on the farm, and by honesty and faithfulness he has always succeeded in life. He still remains on the old home farm, of which he is now the owner, having purchased the place at seventy-five dollars per acre in 1899, while today it is worth about two hundred dollars per acre. It is well improved with good buildings, modern machinery and other equipments of the model farm and in his work he is both practical and progressive so that the best results are attained.

Mr. Shugart votes with the republican party and takes an active interest in its work, while his fellow townsmen, recognizing his worth and ability and his devotion to the general welfare, have elected him to various public offices. He has served as school trustee for six years; collector one year and is now assessor, while for eight years he was school director, in which office he put forth effective service on behalf of the public schools His religious faith is indicated by his membership in Congregational church.

On the 1st of September, 1887, in Dover township, Mr. Shugart was united in marriage to Miss Cora B. Matson, who was born in that township in 1866, a daughter of E.M. and Helen (Westbrook) Matson, in whose family were five sons and three daughters, all born in Dover township. Mr. And Mrs. Shugart have three children: Ina May, Grace Margaret and Helen Rebecca.

Mr. Shugart has provided a pleasant home for his family and in addition to keeping horses and carriages he is the owner of a fine automobile, in which he can make the run of three and half miles to Princeton in eight minutes. He is a thoroughly up-to-date farmer in every respect and a most capable business man. He has in his possession an old leather roll in which is kept old papers, including canceled notes given by his father for land a half century ago; also a contract for building a schoolhouse, bearing date May 31, 1855, and signed by Philip Lafevre, contractor, and D.A. Cusic and P.R. Shugart, of the school board. Mr. Shugart also has an old stone hammer, two hundred and twenty-five years old, which belonged to his grandfather and which is still in a good state ofpreservation. His entire life has been passed in this county and as a representative of a pioneer family, and by virtue of his own worth as a citizen, he well deserves mention in this volume.

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