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BIOS-Past & Present of Bureau Co. 1906 > Newton Booth

20 Aug 2005

Source: Past and Present of Bureau County, Illinois
Originally published 1906
Pioneer Pub. Co.
Chicago, IL

Transcribed by: Denise McLoughlin
Tampico Area Historical Society

Pages 205-206


The period of Newton Booth’s residence in Bureau County covers his entire life record, for he is one of the native sons of Berlin Township, where he was born September 4, 1856. His parents, Hiram and Caroline (Hosmer) Booth, were both natives of Massachusetts and came to this county in 1852, locating on the farm where their son Newton now resides. It was largely an unimproved tract of land, which the father placed under cultivation, adding many modern equipments and accessories as the years passed by.

Newton Booth, reared under the parental roof, was early trained to habits of industry, economy and diligence, and when not busy assisting in the labors of the fields his time was devoted to the acquirement of an education in the district schools, and in Dover Academy. He was thus well qualified for life’s practical and responsible duties, which he has ever met with a sense of conscientious obligation, performing every task that devolves upon him in a capable and energetic manner. He is now the owner of forty-five acres of choice land valued at two hundred dollars per acre, and he annually harvests good crops of corn, oats and hay. Through the rotation of crops and through the most approved modern methods of farming he has made his place a valuable tract of land which is richly productive. The home has pleasant surroundings and this is one of the well-kept farms of Berlin Township, indicating in its tasteful appearance the care and supervision of the owner.

Happy in his home life, Mr. Booth was married April 2, 1884, to Miss Hattie Marriott, who was born July 24, 1865. She was educated at La Moille and is a daughter of William and Tabitha (Nichols) Marriott, who have lived in Bureau County throughout the greater part of their lives. The father was born in England, while the mother’s birth occurred in this country. Mrs. Marriott, however, passed away when her daughter, Mrs. Booth, was only nine months old. Unto our subject and his wife have been born four children who are yet living: Edmund G., Sidney H., Mildred P. And Chester, all yet at home. Mr. Booth exercises his right of franchise in support of the men and measures of the democracy and keeping well informed on the questions and issues of the day, is able to support his political position by intelligent argument, but has never sought office as a reward for party fealty. He was reared in the faith of the Universalist church, to which he has always adhered. He is a self-made man and has improved the estate which was left to him until it is now worth four times what it was when it came into his possession. The home, with itspleasant surroundings, and the farm, with its well tilled fields and modern improvements, present a most pleasing picture of agricultural life.

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