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22 Oct 2005

Source: Past and Present of Bureau County, Illinois
by George B. Harrington
Originally published by Pioneer Pub. Co., Chicago, IL, 1906

Transcribed by: Denise McLoughlin
Tampico Area Historical Society

Andrew Swanzy, now living retired in Princeton, his native city, was born February 3, 1838, a son of Dr. James Swanzy, who was a graduate of a prominent medical college of London, England, and at one time was a leading pysician and surgeon of Princeton, with large and important practice. He was very prominent here, both by reason of his professional skill and his personal worth, and both he and his wife diedin Bureau county.

Andrew Swanzy was educated in the country schools of Bureau county and in early manhood went to New York, where he spent the greater part ofhis business career. He was a dry-goods salesman for a New York firm for forty years. He would visit merchants in different parts of the country and send them to the house which he represented to buy goods, and he maintained a splendid reputation as an able salesman, who was always popular with his patrons and who had the full confidence of the house which he represented. When his labors had brought to him a handsome competence and he desired to put aside further business cares he determined to return to the home of his youth and is now living in Princeton. He has traveled extensively all over this country and made one trip to Europe, and, possessing an observing eye and retentive memory, has a broad knowledge of the countries and peoples he has visited, gaining thereby the culture and experience which only travel can bring.

Mr. Swanzy was married in 1862 to Miss Watie Walker, who was born in De Kalb, Illinois, a daugter of the Rev. O. A. Walker, who came to Princeton in 1847 and with the exception of six years spent the remainder of his life here. He was a very proominent citizen and wielded a wide influence. At one time he held the office of county treasurer and for some years was presiding elder in his district. His labors in behalf of the church were not denied the full harvest nor the aftermath, and his efforts and influence proved a potent element in themoral development of  this part of the state.

Mr. and Mrs. Swanzy now occupy a fine large residence at 208 South Fourth street, Princeton, it being one of the old and beautiful homes of the town. Both are members of Methodist church and are held in the highest esteem by all who know them. In his politcal views Mr. Swanzy is a democrat with prohibition proclivities. He is much interested in politics and has attended twelve national cinventions of the two parties. His business career was marked by consescutive advancement and in all life's relations he has stood for progress and improvement, being especially helpful in his support of those measures which have had for their oject the material, intellectual and moral upbuilding of the community with which he has been connected.

(Note: There is a "portrait" of Dr. James Swanzy in the book. However, it is not clear on my CD reproduction of the book.)



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