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Bureau,Marshall,Putnam Biographical Records 1896 > Frederick Heintz

Source: The Biographical Record of Bureau, Marshall and Putnam Counties, Illinois
Originally published 1896
S. J. Clarke Pub. Co., Chicago, IL
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Transcribed by Denise McLoughlin
Tampico Area Historical Society

Page 198


Frederick HEINTZ is one of the enterprising and well-to-do farmers of Selby township, owning a valuable place of onehundred and ninety acres on section 12 and 13, three-quarters of a mile from Hollowayville. He is one of the representative and valued old settlers of Bureau county, having located here in 1839, and during the many years that have since passed, has watched its development and progress, while as a loyal citizen he has ever borne his part in its advancement.

Mr. HEINTZ was born on the Rhine, in Bavaria, Germany, May 4, 1814, and is a son of Henry and Mary Catherine (GINTER) HEINTZ, also natives of that country. After the other's death the father crossed the Atlantic, going to this state in 1847, but died seven weeks after his arrival. The educational privileges afforded our subject were good, attending the common schools of his native land from five until fourteen years of age, but his knowledge of the English language is almost wholly self-acquired.

At the age of twenty five, Mr. HEINTZ decided to leave the Fatherland, and on the 11th of May, 1839, left his home at Havre, France and took passage on board a sailing vessel bound for New Orleans, which they reached after a long voyage of fifty-four days, and altogether was three months and four days in making the journey from his home to Bureau county. He came at once to Bureau county, by way of the Mississippi and Illinois rivers, and for about a year worked for one hundred and fifty dollars. He wa then  taken ill with intermittent fever, from which he did not recover for about nineteen month, during which time he attended school for about forty days, and there began the study of the English language. He also entered a Sunday school, which he has since attended and is now the oldest Sunday school scholar in Bureau county, having been connected with Sunday school work since 1822. Since 1868, till January, 1896, he has read the Bible through thirty times. On his recovery from the fever he resumed farm work, which he has made his life occupation.

Mr. HEINTZ was married in 1844 to Miss Amanda PIPER, a daughter of Ezekiel PIPER, one of the pioneers of the county, where he located in 1836, and a sister of H. H, PIPER of Berlin township, Bureau county. Upon his marriage our subject settled upon forty acres of the farm whichis still his home, and at once began its improvement and cultivation. Besides its operation he also rented land, and as time advanced extended the boundaries of his farm, until now ist comprises onehundred and ninety acres of rich and fertile land, which he has placed under a high state of cultivation and improved with a commodious, two-story residence, a large and substantial barn and good out-buildings. In the development of hisland he uses the best and most improved machinery, and everything about his place denotes the thrift and enterprise of the owner.

Mr. HEINTZ began life here empty-handed, but by the exercise of industry, perseverance and energy, important traits in his character, he has become one of the substantial citizens of the community.

Four children have been born to Mr. and Mrs. HEINTZ, namely: Kate is now the wife of I. A. WATSON, of Chicago, who holds a responsible position with the American Express company. Fetnor is the wife of Lesander WHITE, of Bureau county. Henry is a prominent stoc dealer in Princeton; Anna Tl, who was given good school advantages, has for ten years held an important position as stenographer and typewriter for a firm in Boston, Massachusetts. There are also twelve grandchildren and three great=grandchildre. On the 8th of February, 1894, was celebrated the golden wedding of Mr. and Mrs. HEINTZ, and also the birthday of the latter, at which time she was eighty years of age. By the Sunday school children of Seasonville they were presented with a beautiful silver cup and cane.

Forover fifty years Mr. and Mrs. HEINTZ have now traveled life's journey together, sharing with each other its joys and sorrows, its adversity and prosperity, and they are surrounded by many warm friends and relatives who have for them the highest respect and esteem.

Since its organization, Mr. HEINTZ has always supported the men and measures of the republican party, and has been called upon to fill some locl offices. A true friend of the public schools, he most acceptably served as a member of the school board for several years. In his native lnd he was a member of the German Reform church, and in this country joined the English Lutheran chrch but now attends the services of any denomination. He is a consistent Christian, an upright, honorable man, a loyal citizen and an honored pioneer of Bureau county, one who justly deserves mention among the prominent and representative men of this section of the state.

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