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Source: History of Whiteside County, Illinois
From Its Earliest Settlement to 1908
By William W. Davis, M.A.
With Biographical Sketches of some Prominent Citizens of the County
Vol. 1
Reprinted by: Higgenson Book Company
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Transcribed by: Denise McLoughlin
Tampico Area Historical Society

Page: 206

Tampico Churches

The Baptist was organized about 30 years ago, and has a membership of one hundred and a Sunday school of 120. Numerous societies, The Young People, Ladies' Aid, Cradle Roll, and two stirring associations, the Baracas and Philatheas, who planned a program to solemnize the leave-taking of Rev. Mr. Wright and family, whose ministrations during eight years closing in 1908 were productive of so much pleasure and profit. The public reception at the church called out a large audience of parishioners and friends. F. B. Thomas presented the retiring pastor and wife a box of silverware, which was accepted by Mr. Wright in a feeling speech, alluding to the cordial relations about to be severed.

The Christian church has had a rapid growth as it was organized only in October, 1900. There is a membership of 96, a Sunday school of one hundred, a Young People's Union of 43, with ladies' Aid and other societies. Rev. Guy L. Zerby is pastor, and occasionally fills engagements in evangelistic work.

The Methodist is doubtless the largest church in the place, with 250 members, a Sunday school of 150, two Ladies' Aid, Epworth League, Junior League, Men's Club. Rev. James Potter, pastor, has had charges at Walnut and Albany. He pursued his studies at the Northwestern University. At one time, Tampico was on the Spring Hill and Yorktown circuit, but in 1871, the members decided to be independent, and in 1872 erected a building. This was destroyed by the tornado of June, 1874, and in 1875 the present building was completed, at a cost of $2,500.

St. Mary's Catholic church is the most costly and imposing in Tampico, perhaps in the county. Only completed in October, 1907. It is constructed of a beautiful brick, with a lofty spire containing two bells, the interior richly finished in hard wood, stained glass windows and paintings in the highest style of art, heated by hot water. The parish was organized in 1875, and at first in connection with Sheffield had the ministrations of the same priest. But for nearly thirty years Tampico has supported its own rector. McGuire was first resident priest, followed by Weber, Sullivan, and others/ The present pastor, Rev. L. X. Du Four, in his fourth year, is popular with all classes, Catholic and Protestant. A saintly name. X stands for Xavier, the devoted apostle to the Indies. Du Four was ordained at Philadelphia in 1882, and has been professor and preacher. The member ship of St. Mary's consists of one hundred families. The parsonage is a neat frame, south of the church. A short distance to the north is the cemetery. In the center on a high wooden cross hangs the body of the Savior.

Was it for crimes that I have done,
He groaned upon the tree?
Amazing pity! grace unknown!
And love beyond degree.

As may be expected, the names on the tombstones speak of the Emerald Isle: Sheehan, Murphy, Leahy, McGuire, Tierman, Conroy, Power, Curran. Any relative of Tyrone Power, the Irish comedian, lost in the steamship President 1840? Any relative of John Philpot Curran, the noted Irish orator? Let us keep track of our great kindred. Here is the monument of Mary A. Ford, 1816-1896. "May her soul rest in peace. Amen" On the same is the name of Peter Ford, her husband, laid by her side in 1907, the oldest man who ever lived in the county, an account of whose life will be found in Deer Grove. The memorials are chiefly granite, and display good taste.

St. Mary's Largest Class

On Sunday morning in January, 1908, a class of over ninety children were confirmed by Archbishop Quigley of Chicago, the confirmation occurring at the 8 o'clock mass. The services were extremely solemn and impressive and were witnessed by a very large congregation, there being many who were unable to gain admission to the church. A throne was erected at the right of the sanctuary for the bishop. The altar was prettily decorated with flowers and plants and presented a very pretty appearance.

The class was the largest in the history of the Tampico parish. The girls were adorned in pretty gowns of white and the boys wore bouquets of flowers in their coat lapels. Father L. X. DuFour, who has charge of the parish, is to be congratulated on securing the large class and the very successful service.

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