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14 Jan 2012

Biographical Index to History of Whiteside County, IL 1908
By William W. Davis, M. A.
Vol I & II
The Pioneer Publishing Co., 1908

Pg.  1099

When a careful review is made of the nationalities who have contributed
to American citizenship and have promoted the civilization of the new world
it will be found that great credit is due the German race for its contribution
to the upbuilding and progress of this country. Among the sons of the
fatherland now living in Whiteside county is numbered Christian Rick, who
was born in Germany, May 29, 1847. Long after he had come to America his
father, Philip Rick, also crossed the Atlantic, arriving in 1877. He was born
in Germany, November 24. 1816, and when he came to Whiteside county he
purchased ten acres of land near Coleta, upon which he spent his remaining
days, passing away in January, 1902, at the age of eighty-six years. His
wife, who bore the maiden name of Dora Beeler, was born in Germany in
1824. Their children were as follows: John, who was formerly a farmer
of Ustick township and is now living retired in Morrison; Jacob, who is living
retired in Indianapolis, Indiana; Philip, who makes his home in Williams
county, this state; and Mathis, who came to this county with his brother
Christian and died here.

Christian Rick spent the days of his boyhood and youth in the country
of his nativity and there acquired his education. He was twenty-three years
of age when he determined to test the truth of the favorable reports which he
heard concerning America. On the 16th of July therefore, having made the
long voyage across the Atlantic, he arrived in Sterling, where he continued
until Christmas in the employ of George Bristle. He then purchased eighty
acres of land in Ustick township and for thirteen years he lived upon a farm
on sections 25 and 26, Ustick township, where he made all of the improvemenis,
transforming the place into an excellent property, while the fields were
made to bring forth rich returns as a reward for his care and energy. Three
years ago he sold that property and bought one hundred and twenty acres on
section 35. Here he now makes his home and the place is equipped with
modern conveniences and accessories, proclaiming the owner to be a man of
progressive spirit and of excellent business capacity. He follows general farming
and stock-raising, keeping on hand standard bred cattle and horses.

On the 28th of October, 1875, Mr. Rick was united in marriage to Miss
Anna Mary Storz, who was born April 1, 1853, near Schiltach, Germany, her
parents being Jacob and Mary (Esleign) Storz, both of whom died in Germany.
Unto our subject and his wife have been born eleven children: Lue,
born May 19, 1876, died on the 4th of June following; Anna, born August
18, 1877, is the wife of Fred Farwell, a resident of Albany, Illinois, and they
have two children, Iva and Howard ; Phillip, born January 6, 1880, died on the
16th of July of the same year; William, born September 10, 1881, married
Bessie Farwell, and has two children, Edward and Louise, their home being
on his father's farm, which he is now operating; Charles, born September
11, 1883, and living on his father's farm in Clyde township, married Nellie
Null; Frank, born January 4, 1885, is working by the month as a farm hand;
Lewis, born March 4, 1887, and Christie, born August 17, 1890, are at home;
Roy, born May 30, 1893, died September 9, 1893 ; Dora, twin sister of Roy,
is at home ; and Henry, born August 12, 1895. completes the family.
The parents are consistent and active members of the Mennonite church,
and in all the relations of life Mr. Rick is actuated by high and honorable
principles. His business methods are ever straightforward, and he has gained
success by reason of his untiring -diligence and his business integrity. When
he came to America he borrowed ninety dollars to assist him in making the
voyage, and thus he started out in life in the new world empty-handed. He
realized that success is only to be attained by persistent, earnest and unfaltering
effort, and in this manner he has gradually worked his way upward until
he is now one of the well-to-do citizens of the county, having substantial
farm interests, embracing two hundred and fifty-eight acres of land in Clyde
and Ustick townships.

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