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James Ross, Ohio, was born February 22, 1808, at Somerset, Penn., and is the son of Rev. William Ross, who was born in Antrim County, Ireland, November 1, 1767, and immigrated to America in 1803. About 1807 he married Jane Whitaker, who was born in this country July 4, 1785, and they settled in Somerset, Penn., where the subject of this sketch was born and resided till he was nine years of age. He removed with his parents to Tuscarawas County, Ohio, in 1817, where he resided till 1851, when he came to this county. February 27. 1831, James Ross married Margaret Butt, who was born in Tuscarawas County, Ohio, December 9, 1812, and is the daughter of William and Mary Butt. Of this marriage there is a family of thirteen children, nine of whom are now living, viz.: Elijah Ross, Limerick, Ill., born June 23, 1832; Mrs. Sarah A. Mulvane, Topeka, Kan., born May 5, 1833; Mrs. Mary J. Ogan, Limerick, Ill., born November 10. 1835; Jemima Ross, born November 10, 1837, died September 6, 1846; William P. Ross, born November 21, 1839, died August 28, 1844; Rachel Ross, born December 25, 1841, died August 29, 1844; Joel D. Ross, Limerick, Ill, born December 1, 1843, and served in the late war of the Rebellion, enlisted August 13, 1862, in Company I, Twelfth Illinois Infantry, and served till May, 1865; Mrs. Elmira Mulvane, Limerick, Ill., born June 23, 1846; Mrs. Martha E. Kasbeer, Altona, Iowa, born July 17, 1848; James W. Ross, Princeton, Ill., born April 19, 1850; Mrs. Margaret R. Remsburg, born March 23, 1852, died January 15, 1882; Mrs. Ama W. Matson, Limerick, Ill., born July 19, 1854; Abigail Ross, born April 16 , 1856, at home. Mr. Ross' grandfather on the mother's side (Joseph Whitaker) came to this country in the English service during the Revolutionary war, but subsequently deserted the English ranks during an engagement, and joined the Continental forces. Thus, by his own voluntary act he forfeited all right which which he might otherwise have had as an heir to his father's vast estate and wealth in England. Mr. Ross is a Republican, and a member of the Methodist Protestant Church. He owns 669 acres of land in Ohio and dover Townships, and is a thrifty farmer and stock-raiser.

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