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History of Bureau County, IL 1885

p. 446

JOHN W. BAILEY, Ohio, was born in Syracuse, N. Y., October 12, 1838, and is the son of Thorpe and Olive Bailey, formerly of Vermont. The father was born June 19, 1803. The mother was born June 17, 1805. They were the parents of seven children, six of whom are now  living: Lewis M. Bailey, born May 13, 1826, lives in Wisconsin; Hester A., born September 16, 1828, now Mrs. G. B. Young, P. O. Roscoe, Ill.; Caleb, born February 13, 1831, died in 1852; Andrew, born September 24, 1834, lives in Iowa; John W., subject of this sketch; Deborah A., born January 14, 1842, now Mrs. G. Teachout of Minneapolis, Minn.; Elijah F., born August 21, 1847, lives in Illinois. The subject of this sketch lived on a farm in his native State in 1853, and settled in Boone County. Mr. Bailey finished the course in the Rock River Seminary in 1858. December 25, 1860, he was united in marriage to Miss Juliette Wheeler, of this county, a daughter of Charles and Martha B. Wheeler, formerly of Windsor County, Vt. The father was born at Royalton, Vt., March 28, 1808. The mother was born at Tunbridge, Vt. September 23, 1810. They were married January 1, 1834, and came to this county in February, 1853. The father, Charles Wheeler, died August, 1863, from injuries inflicted by a vicious horse, surviving but a few hours.  The mother died December 8, 1864, leaving six children living of a family of seven: William W., born December 1, 1834, of Malcolm, Iowa; Martha B., October 27, 1837, died September, 1859; Juliette, (*Mrs. J. W. Bailey), born July 3, 1839, of Ohio, Ill.; Orin M., February 7, 1842, of Malcolm, Iowa; Charles H., July 15, 1844, killed by the cyclone at Grinnell, Iowa, January 17, 1882; Ethan Allen, June 7, 1846, of Montezuma, Iowa; Luna P., January 2, 1850, (now Mrs. F. A. Winslow), Chicago, Ill. Mr and Mrs. Bailey are the parents of eleven children, eight of whom are now living, as follows: Charles W., born December 13, 1868; Susan K., December 29, 1870; Fred E., April 1, 1873; John W., Jr., March 21, 1875; Bessie B., March 28, 1877, died September 15, 1879; Dexter W., November 3, 1882. Mr. Bailey has taught a winter term of school in this county during the past seventeen years, and during the past twenty-five years in the State. Mrs. Bailey is a teach of large experience, having taught twelve years in this county. Martha L. Bailey having prepared herself for the profession at the Stat Normal, is now engaged in the graded school at Ohio, Ill., while Olive A. Bailey is engaged in teaching in the public schools of her own township. Mr. Bailey is Republican, and owns 240 acres of land in Ohio Township.

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