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Source: History of Bureau County, Illinois; H. C. Bradsby, Editor; Chicago: World Publishing Co. 1885

Transcribed by: Denise McLoughlin, Tampico Area Historical Society, www.tampicohistoricalsociety.citymax.com

Page: 661


Simon Stevens came from England in 1640; landed in Salem, settled in Byfield, Mass. Of his sons, three in number, one went to Andover, one went to Hampstead and one settled in the South. Simon, the son who settled in Hampstead, had a son Simon,  who also lived in Hampstead. This Simon had two sons, Asa and Simon. Asa was slain in the war with the Provinces. He had a son named after him. His widow married Deacon David Morill, of Canterbury, N. H. Her name was Abigail Emerson. She died June 30, 1833, at the advanced age of ninety-five years and ten months. She had twelve children, eighty-eight grandchildren, one hundred and fifty-two great-grandchildren, and fifty-two of the fifth generation . Simon was born March 12, 1754, and died of numb palsy, June 19, 1825. He married Elizabeth Boyenton, who was born November 10, 1754, and died February 0, 1846. They lived in Canterbury, N. H. Their children are: Otho, born July 22, 1776 (had one son who married his cousin, daughter of Abiah); Edmund, born July 3, 1778, died December 13, 1854 (had two children, William and Eliza; he was the only Whig of Simon's twelve children); David, born November 10, 1780, died December 3, 1806; Betsey, born December 8, 1782, married a Sargent of Canterbury; John, born July 29, 1785, died July 8, 1869, Jesse, born September 29, 1788, died of cholera September 2, 1849 (his children were Sylvester and Albert); Polly, born September 13, 1791 (married an Emerson of Newburyport, Mass.); Abiah, born October 12, 1798 (married a Batchelder; settled in Columbus, Ohioo; had two sons and one daughter; daughter married Otho's son); Moses, born July 29, 1796 (married Mary Stevens; had two shildren, Elbridge and David; settled in Bureau County, Ill; died February 18, 1864); Abigail, born September 11, 1790 (married a Davis of Canterbury; had two daughters); Thomas Jefferson, born July 18, 1801 (married twice; had seven children, one died in infancy; settled in Bureau County, Ill; died in June, 1878); Simon, Jr., born July 18, 1803m died December 16, 1806.


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