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Source: History of Bureau County, IL; H. C. Bradsby, Editor; Chicago: World Publishing Co., 1885

Transcribed by: Denise McLoughlin, Tampico Area Historical Society, www.tampicohistoricalsociety.citymax.com

Page: 662

JOHN STEVENS was born in Canterbury, N. H., July 29, 1785. He was married to Submit Newcomb in March, 1810. Submit Newcomb was born in Greenwich, Mass., September 3, 1790. They lived in that part of Boseawen which is now called Webster, N. H. The homestead land was purchased of Daniel Webster and the deed is still in possession of the family. John Stevens was a merchant and general business man. His wife died September 30, 1825, and was buried in the old burying ground in Boseawen. This epitaph is upon her tombstone: "She died lamented as she lived beloved." In 1835 Mr. Stevens entered land in Illinois and moved thither in 1842, settling in Tiskilwa, Bureau County. Here he carried on a company with his sons. He married Mrs. Mary Campbell Lawyer in Reading, Mass., December 31, 1829. She was born September 16, 1794, and died August 10, 1879. They had no children. John Stevens died in Tiskilwa, July 8, 1869. The children of John Stevens and Submit Newcomb, his wife, are: David, born January 19, 1811, moved to Illinois in 1843 and settld in Buda, Bureau County (he was married to Hannah Loverin, of Springfield, N. H.; they had two sons and one daughter; David Stevens died May 6, 1872); Bradford Newcomb, born January 3, 1813; Adaline, born February 17, 1815 (married Fitz Henry Boyden; resides in Chicago, Ill.; five daughters): Calvin, born March 15, 1817 (came to French Grove, Ill. in 1839, afterward settled in Tiskilwa in business with his father and brothers. He married Jane Greeley, of Salisbury, N. H. They had seven children, one dying in infancy. Calvin Stevens died September 7, 1864); Justus, born January 8, 1819; Louisa, born March 2, 1821, married Edward Sawyer, lived in Tiskilwa, Ill.; (they had ten children); Submit, born March 2, 1823, died September 23, 1825; Elizabeth Phelps, born February 2, 1825, married John Weeks; lives in Chicago. They had three daughters, two died in infancy.

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