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History of Bureau County, edited by H.C. Bradsby, Chicago: World Publishing Co. 1885

p. 533

A. G. Greenman, Arispie. The subject of the following biography was born April 12, 1838, in Lake County, Ind. He is a son of Dr. Martin Greenman, who was born 1804, in Herkimer County, , Y. He was principally self-educated. Dr. Mariam, of Sominauk, Ill, was his preceptor while studying medicine. He came to this county in 1847, and practiced medicine in Tiskilwa and vicinity. In 1849 he went to California, where he followed his profession for two and half years. He visited that State in 1854. In 1856 he removed into the coutnry, and in 1877 the angel of death closed his useful career.

He was married in New York State, to Modena Gage, who was born December 22, 1810, in Ferrisburg, Vt. She is a daughter of Jesse and Sarah (Grover) Gage. Mrs. Dr. Greenman was the mother of the following children: Curtis, Mrs. Rosina Holton, wife of Dr. Holton; Mrs. Flora Kitterman, Mrs. Asena Barlow; Almon Gage, Mrs Eucla Sherwood, and Don Alvarus M. Greenman. Our subject was principally educated in this county, where he is classed among our successful farmers, owning a farm of 515 acres. He was married February 27, 1862, to Eliza Chenoweth, a daughter of Bureau County's famous pioneer preacher, Elder Chenoweth (see general history). Mrs. Greenman was born February 18, 1841. She is a member of the Baptist Church, and is a mother of five children, viz.:Roscoe G., Blanche I., Flora C., Merle B., and an infant daughter. Mr. Greenman is an ardent supporter of the principles advocated by the Democratic party.

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