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History of Bureau County - Biographical Sketches 1885

ELBRIDGE STEVENS, Buda, was born January 10, 1825, in Canterbury, N. H. He is the youngest son of Moses and Mary (Stevens) Stevens. Moses Stevens was born July 29, 1796. He was married January 4, 1820, to Mary Stevens, who was born October, 19, 1798. In early life he learned the clothier's trade, and in later years the tanner's, but  most of his life was spent in farming. In 1836 he removed from the old home at Canterbury, N. H., to Bureau County, Ill., and settled in Concord Township. When coming here he had but little property, but through his industry he was successful in accumulating a competency. He died February 22, 1864. His widow survived him till June 28, 1870. They were the parents of two sons: David and Elbridge. David Stevens was about two years the senior of his brother, and followed various occupations during life, first as a a farmer in this county, in the hotel business in Sheffield, Ill., in business in Chicago, and during the war was a well-known cotton speculator at Memphis, Tenn. He died at Boone, Iowa, at which time he was also deceased. Elbridge Stevens came to this county with his parents in 1836, and since that time he has  made Concord Township his home. His early life was full of the hardships such as youth  is subject to in a new country, and for thirty years he never had gone out of the State, but worked hard all the time.  Their market for grain or produce was Chicago, and he would haul loads there and return with lumber, etc. His last trip that way he sold the wheat for 55 cents per bushel, and during the trip suffered with fever and ague, and to make matters worse, one of his horses died before getting  home. He was married April 10, 1849, to Phebe Schoettler, who was born April 30, 1827. She is the daughter  Christian and Eliza  (Summer) Schoettler. The father was born in Giffitz, Germany, September 28, 1768, and the mother was born in Dammersfield, Germany, May 9, 1785. They were married in 1812. He died February 23, 1832, but she March 2, 1870. Mr. and Mrs. Elbridge Stevens are the parents of the following named children: Mary L., born March 28, 1850, married to Charles Holmes August 29, 1876; Arthur F., born January 18, 1852, died August 24, 1866; Flora E., born September 11, 1853, died October 3, 1853; David M., born February 4, 1857; George, born February 14, 1858, married to Allie Burr, August 12, 1878; Sylvester, born August 16, 1862, died September 6, 1862, and Emma, born January 31, 1869. The grandparents of Elbridge Stevens were Simon and Elizabeth (Boynton) Stevens. He was born March 12, 1754, and died June 19. 1825. She was born  November 10, 1754, and died February 9, 1846. They resided at Hampsted, N. H., and were the parents of twelve children.

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