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Source: The book, "History of the Swedes in Illinois, Part III – Biographical Sketches with Portraits – Counties at Large," by Ernst W. Olson and Martin J. Engberg, printed by the Engberg-Holmberg Publishing Company, Chicago, 1908.

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Carl Otto Granere, librarian of Augustan College, was bornin Granhult, Högsby parish, Smáland, Sweden, Sept. 27, 1844. Having begun his studies at a preparatory school in Mörlunda, he later prusued a classical college course first in Linköping and thenin Stockholm, where he was graduated in 1870. In compliance with a special invitation or call, he came to Augustana College and Theological Seminary, at that time located at Paxton, Ill., in the fall of 1870, arriving there on the anniversary of his birthday. Under the instruction and guidance of Dr. T. N. Hasselquist, he completed the prescribed theological course and graduated in May, 1871. At this time he was called as assistant professor at Augustana College and entered upon his duties as such the following September. He was ordaiined at Galesburg in 1872, and was called as regular professor of Latin and Swedish in 1873. During the years 1872-1876 he served also as assistant instructor in Church History and Doctrinal Theology at Augustana Seminary. He was regular professor of the Latin language abd kuteratyre at Augustana College during the years 1873-1898, in the meantime also serving for many years both as secretary of the Faculty and as vice-president. In June, 1896, the Board of Directors conferred upon him the degree of Ph. D., and in 1898 they appointed him librarian of the institution.

Having lost his first wife, Sophia Albertina Wiborg, who died in May, 1883, Dr. Granere married his second wife, Marie Thomason, the 25the of Dec., 1887, and has had with her five children, four of whom are still living: Ruth Mirjam, Carl Emanuel, Helga Johanna and Hortensia Linnea.

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