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Source: History of the Swedes in Illinois, Part III, E. Olson &  M. Engberg, Chicago, IL, 1908
Transcribed by: Denise McLoughlin, Tampico Area Historical Society, www.tampicohistoricalsociety.citymax.com

Page 110

Edla Lund

EDLA LUND née FERNGREN, a singer of repute, has for many years taught in the Augustana Conservatory of Music. From Stockholm, where she was born Aug. 8, 1867. She came to this country in 1887. Mrs. LUND studied for more than two years at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm, taking vocal training with Prof. Günther, also studying piano and organ. She was for one year a pupil of Dina EDLING, Prima Donna of the Royal Opera, and studied for two years under the direction of Mr. D. A. DUVIVIER of Chicago. She was married to Prof. Victor LUND  of the Bethany Conservatory of Music at Linsborg, Kaus., in 1887.

After the death of her husband in August, 1893, she was herself engaged as professor of vocal music in the same institution until 1894, when she went back to Sweden pursung higher musical studies until the fall of 1895, when she accepted a position as teacher of voice in the Augustana Conservatory  of Music. Mrs. LUND is endowed with a rich and fascinating soprano voice, which is often heard in concert in various parts of the United States. She is a proficient conductor, as shown in her direction of the Augustana Chapel Choir, the choir of the First Congregational Church of Moline, and the Choral Union of Moline.

At the Kansas Musical Jubilee held in Hutchinson, May 8 - 11, 1894, Mrs. LUND passed the competitive examination in organ and was awarded a prize certificate by Federic ARCHER, musical director and adjudicator. She is a member of the Etude Club of Davenport and of the Women's Club of Moline. Mrs. LUND has been soloist of the Congregational Church of Moline since  1902.

Mrs. LUND has participated in a number of concert tours in this country. In 1896 she toured the central West with the Apollo Club of Augustana College. In 1902, she, together with Prof. Franz  ZEDELER, gave a dozen concerts in Pennsylvania and New York, and in 1905  she toured the pacific coast and was one of the soloists taking part in the celebration of  Swedish Day at the Lewis and Clark exposition  at Portland. By the press everywhere she has been accorded fulsome praise for the charm and finish of her vocalism.

Mrs. LUND is the mother of two sons, Carl Edward and Sven Joseph, both of whom are now attaining to manhood. They have received part of their education in Sweden.

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