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CHARLES C. LOFQUEST, dramatic editor oftheRockford Daily Republic was born of Swedish parentage in Copenhagen Sept. 7, 1879, and was brought to America the following year. He studied at Adelphi Academyand Brooklyn high school while living in that city and subsequently at Stratton's business College in New York and at Upsala University. He began his journalistic career a a reporter, working on the New York World, Broklyn Eagle, New York Journal, and Brooklyn Citizen, and was literary editor of Music & Stage in 1900. He was a political speaker in New Yiork during Odell's gubernatorial campaign, and has lectured on Swedish history before the South Brooklyn Historical Society under the auspices of the Brooklyn Board of Education.

Mr. LOFQUEST has been a resident of Rockford four years. Since his connection with the Republic he has done some notable dramatic reviewing, which has found favor with those who closely follow the activities of the drama.

In the last five years he has devoted much of his time to short story, writing and bids fair to make a name for himself in American literature. A number of his contributions have appeared in the leading magazine. Among some of his short tales which have made a hit may be mentioned Prince Pantqua, Olt Peeter, 11 Rosso Ruggiero, Sebastiao, The Littel Brother of God, Col. Chester' s Resignation, Calliope Pete, Trespassers, A limb of the Law, and Monsieur Giffard.

His parents are Sven Aaron LOFQUEST and Johanna NILSSON. The elder LOFQUEST is a shoe merchant on Broadway, New York, and resides in Brooklyn. In the middle seventies he was U. S. Counsul at a Swedish port. The mother of the younger LOFQUEST came from a family of soldiers; her grandfather was a colonel in the Swedish army.

Mr. LOFQUEST is married to Miss Christine MITCHELL.

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