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Articles & Local History > 1947 - Tampico Theatre Open One Year

Tampico Tornado

August 7, 1947



The Tampico Theatre opened a year ago, on August 2nd., under the management of Paul Lane, During the first few months the theatre operated at a loss but Mr. Lane reports that business has improved the past six months and is showing a profit.

The theatre, which was sponsored by the Tampico Business Association, was made possible by the sale of stock. Since the opening, new seats have been installed and two rest rooms have just been completed. The rest rooms open off the lobby and are of necessity small but very neat and well arranged.

Mr. Lane has been showing a good selection of pictures and conducts the theatre in a very orderly manner. The sound is the best obtainable, the seats comfortable and the interior, although not air conditioned, has beenkept very comfortable through the use ofanice and water system in connection with the blower.

Manager Paul Lane advises us that the uproarious comedy - “The Egg and I” will be shown at the Tampico Theatre this coming Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Mr. Lane was indeed fortunate in securing a booking on this picture which has been shown in only one other theatre in this section of the state. The management refuses to be responsible for any weight lost by those seeing thepicture.

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