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Articles & Local History > Thanksgiving Day 1886-1903


From the Tampico Tornado Newspaper :

December 5, 1891
Albert E. SCOTT and Miss Mary LANE daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles LANE, were married at the M.E. parsonage in Rock Falls, Thanksgiving day.

From the Tampico Tornado Newspaper :

November 13, 1886
Don't forget the pigeon shoot at Sodtown, Thanksgiving day, at 10 o'clock.

From the Tampico Tornado Newspaper :

December 1, 1894
James BROWN and wife ate there Thanksgiving dinner at the home of their son, Bert BROWN.

From the Tampico Tornado Newspaper

November 30, 1895
Frank BALDWIN and family ate Thanksgiving dinner with father J.M. BALDWIN.

December 7, 1895
Esquire M.T. McINTYRE, of Ladd, who was here with his wife to spend Thanksgiving with their daughter, Mrs. E.L. WROTEN, left for his home last Monday morning, Mrs. McINTYRE remaining to continue their visit. The 'Squire was a caller at the Tornado office, and during the trials in Justice GIFFORD's court Saturday, he sat upon the bench with the officiating justice, and in several instances gave the court valuable counsel. He has been justice at Ladd for over five years, and his experience in such matters makes him a valuable adviser. We found him to be a very pleasant man, and his visit was greatly appreciated. We shall expect to see him oftener in the future, and we feel assured that his visits will always be of a very pleasant nature.

From the Tampico Tornado Newspaper
November 14, 1896
BALDWIN-JONES - At the American House, Princeton, Ill., on Thursday, Nov. 5, at four o'clock p.m., by Rev. J.A.J. WHIPPLE, pastor of the M.E. church, Mr. Joel M. BALDWIN and Miss Sarah E. JONES, both of Tampico.
The marriage was a quite affair and but a few witnessed the ceremony. The groom and bride met there by appointment and arrangements were made for the consummation of the event after their arrival.
Mr. BALDWIN is an old soldier and mine host, Mr. MUNGELxxxx is a soldier boy too, upon learning his guest business there he said the whole house was at their disposal and anything they wanted could be got; all that was necessary was to issue their order. Mr. BALDWIN asked for Major GIBBONS and the gentleman was produced and then Major STIPP, now Judge STIPP, was enquired for and he responded in person. It was a meeting of three old soldiers who had served in the same company and all were pleased to meet again upon such a happy occasion.
The service was held at four o'clock and after the minister had finished the ceremony and pronounced the contracting parties husband and wife, Judge STIPP arouse and said he would introduce Mr. BALDWIN who was an old soldier with him during the late war, that he was a good soldier and the strongest man you could find in a thousand, although he is a cripple today. He has always bourne [sic] a good name, was honored and respected and today he has hosts of friends, and among his old comrades he is remembered with kindness, respect and esteem. It is many years since we parted, yet it seems but yesterday that I shook hands with comrade BALDWIN. We parted and have not met since today, and this meeting is fraught with great pleasure to me and the occasion which brought us together seems to be one of joy, happiness and thanksgiving."
The bridal party remained in Princeton over night and arrived home Friday evening when they were received by friends at Mr. BALDWIN's home. They have the congratulations of all our people and the Tornado joins with the many others in wishing them a most happy and pleasant voyage through this life and many a happy anniversary of the day that made them one.

From the Tampico Tornado Newspaper
December 5, 1896
Fred BECKER and Miss Eva ALLEN were to be married at Rockford Thanksgiving night. The young man spent the day with the bride-elect and in the evening excused himself and left stating he was going for his license. The bride got ready for the ceremony, the minister and guests arrived, but no groom came and at nine o'clock all were dismissed. The bride overcome with grief and consternation took to her bed and has been ill ever since.

December 5, 1896
Hettie McCRACKEN is teaching at the EMMONS school again this winter.
Mrs. Mary BAKER is visiting with her mother Mrs. BERGE.
Mrs. B.F. DOW returned home from Missouri, where she has been visiting several months.
Louie BERGE is home from Dixon visiting with his parents and many friends.
Ernest McKENZIE and family and ?ay GREENMAN spent Thanksgiving in Tampico with Mrs. McKENZIE's parents.

From the Tampico Tornado Newspaper
December 1, 1900
Lee DOW and family of LaMoille arrived on the evening passenger last Wednesday to spend Thanksgiving among friends and relatives.

From the Tampico Tornado Newspaper :

December 7, 1901
Max BROWN and Miss Blanche KEMP were married Thanksgiving afternoon at 4 o'clock at the old KEMP homestead one mile south of Sheffield. The wedding was a quiet affair, only a few of the intimate friends being present. The groom is the son of L.W. BROWN of this place and is one of the prosperous young farmers who live south of town. The bride, Mrs. BROWN is one of the charming young ladies of Sheffield and for a number of years she taught school south of here. Mr. and Mrs. BROWN will make their home on the L.W. BROWN farm four miles south of here.
Albert NELSON of Manlius and Miss Maude SIEBEL of Goldtown were married Thanksgiving at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles SIEBEL who live twelve miles south of here. Both of the young people are well known in this vicinity and have numerous friends who extend congratulations.

From the Tampico Tornado Newspaper:

November 15, 1902
Miss May WINCHELL and McKenzie L. PIERCE, both well known Yorktown young people, will be untied in marriage on Thanksgiving at 1 o'clock at Yorktown at he home of the bride's parents. Miss WINCHELL is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin WINCHELL and is a charming young lady. The groom is a popular young man of good character. The Tornado and many friends extend congratulations over the happy event to come.

December 6, 1902
George GREENMAN is suffering from a severe attack of asthma.
A.A. SHERE and wife spent Thanksgiving at Erie.
Henry BERGE and daughter, Lena, spent Thanksgiving at Geneseo.

From the Tampico Tornado Newspaper
November 13, 1903
Get your Thanksgiving dinner upstairs over C.F. SIPPEL's store, served by Christian Laides' Aid Society.

November 20, 1903
A union Thanksgiving service will be held in the Methodist church Thursday morning, Nov. 26, at 10:30. The sermon will be preached by Rev. C.G. WRIGHT.
The church intends to begin a revival meeting the first week in January. The pastor will be assisted by other preachers.
The study of Sunday school lessons is made the main feature of the Thursday evening meeting. This service is especially helpful to Sunday school workers. Everybody invited.
Four persons united with the church by letter during the past month. We invite all who have no church home to worship with us. "In essentials unity, nonessentials liberty."
The special music next Sunday evening will consist of a solo by Linnie DENISON, and a duet by Maggie STURM and Mrs. xxxxxx.
The Epworth League will give a free social at the parsonage Thanksgiving night. Everybody invited.
Geo. BERNREUTER, Pastor.

November 20, 1903
Three carriers on the route from this place will not make their accustomed trips on Thanksgiving as the postmaster general has ordered that all rural carriers have a holiday. Patrons on the routes can call at the office and receive their mail. The order from the postmaster general made the carriers, John TURNER, Glen STEADMAN and Geo. LUTYENS happy.

November 20, 1903
Get a good Thanksgiving dinner over SIPPEL's store, for 25 cents, children 12 years old 15 cents. Everybody come. Served by the Christian Ladies' Aid Society.

November 27, 1903
Roy McKENZIE who attends business college at Galesburg, spent Thanksgiving here the guest of his parents.

November 27, 1903
and family of Galt spent Thanksgiving at E.C. BOYER's.

November 27, 1903
Several Prominent Tampico Couples Are Married on Thanksgiving.
Owen GRAHAM, a well known young farmer, who lives south-east of here, and Miss Gertie KOBBEMAN of Mendota were united in marriage Thanksgiving morning in the
Catholic church at Troy Grove near Mendota, where the bride's brother resides. After the marriage ceremony Mr. and Mrs. GRAHAM left for Chicago and Neisville, Wisc, for several weeks visit among relatives and friends. On their return here they will commence life's battle together on the old Sam ADAMS farm south-east of here, where Mr. GRAHAM has already established a comfortable home.
Mrs. GRAHAM, the bride, is the daughter of the late Henry KOBBEMAN, who owned a large farm south-east of here. She is a most excellent young lady, respected and admired by numerous frineds and acquaintances. Mr. GRAHAM is a prosperous, industrious young farmer, who but recently evidenced his ability to successuflly manage and till a farm by the purchase of an additional eighty acres. He is a member of the prominent GRAHAM family, who live south of here and has numbers of acquaintenances and friends who extend congratulations.

November 27, 1903
William STRIKE, who works for Max BROWN south of here was married Thanksgiving night to Miss Alma TESKE of New Bedford at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gus TESKE, a mile west of New Bedford.
The groom is the son of Mrs. John KERKER of Yorktown and is an industrious steady young man of good habits. The bride is a charming young lady well known south of here. The many friends of Mr. and Mrs. STRIKE extend congratulations.

November 27, 1903
A number of relatives of Robt. COLLINS ate Thanksgiving turkey at the COLLINS residence this week.

November 27, 1903
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. BERGE entertained Mr. and Mrs. HOWLETT and Mrs. F.J. ANDERSON of New Bedford Thanksgiving.

November 27, 1903
About twenty of the relatives of Mr. and Mrs. L.K. BRAINERD gathered at their home and helped them eat Thanksgiving dinner. Those present with their families were: Messrs and Mesdames Levi LUTYEN, Levi BRAINERD, Bert GLASSBURN, John POPE and Geo. LUTYENS.

November 27, 1903
Mr. and Mrs. H.B. BOYER and Leroy McMILLEN went to Chicago Wednesday morning, wher they spent Thanksgiving and saw the big Michigan-Chicago foot ball game. W.C. STILSON and H.C. PITNEY drove to Sterling Wednesday evening and went to Chicago, where they also took in the foot ball game.

November 27, 1903
A number of relatives of Mr. and Mrs. Robt. McKENZIE gathered at their home Thursday at their home Thursday and ate Thanksgiving turkey, it also being the occasion of Mrs. McKENZIE's sixty-sixth anniversary of her birthday. Those present with their families were: Messrs. and Mesdames Ernest McKENZIE, F.L. PIERCE, Chas. MORRILL, Mack PIERCE and Mrs. F.E. FOY.

November 27, 1903
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. LICKHART visited at Fred BERGE's last Sunday.
W. THOMAS was a Tampico caller Monday.
T.A. DRAYTON made a business trip to Princeton Tuesday.
C.H. JENSEN was in Tampico on business Tuesday.
The dance in the hall last Friday was well attended.
Geo LICKHARD is building a new barn on his lot and is also building an addition to his house.
A social dance will be given in the Woodmen hall Friday evening, Dec. XX Everybody invited.
Mr. and Mrs. J.G. JOHNSON, of Sheffield, visited C.H. JENSEN's xxx xx xxx of this place, has been laid up this week with a carbuncle on his arm.
The Thomas gun club has ordered a new Magautrap and expected to have it on the ground for the Thanksgiving shoot.
James THOMPSON and Oliver HOWLETT returned from Iowa last week, wher they have been for a couple of weeks attending to business.
All the Woodmen of camp No. 4946 ought to be sure to turn out to the meeting Saturday evening, Dec. 5 as there is important business to transact and election of officers will be held.

November 27, 1903
Mr. and Mrs. Will LOVE spent Thanksgiving in Prophetstown Wednesday.

November 27, 1903
Thos. VAUGHN and daughters spent Thanksgiving in Mendota.

November 27, 1903
Mr. and Mrs. John AUMENT and son, Will, and daughter, Emma, and Miss Anita SCHILTS, of Sterling, spent Thanksgiving at the home of Harry AUMENT.

November 27, 1903
The Thanksgiving dinner served by the Christian Ladies Aid society in the rooms over SIPPLE's store was patronized by a large number of people. The dinner was a most excellent array of good things. The receipts were $47.

November 27, 1903
The good displays, typical of Thanksgiving, were made in the windows of H.C. PITNEY's store this week. In the south window was a decorated arch with pumpkins, apples, etc., and in the north window there was a goobler done in towels and napkins.

November 27, 1903
Mr. and Mrs. J.R. GUTHRIE went to Erie Wednsday where they spent Thanksgiving with Mrs. GUTHRIE's relatives.

November 27, 1903
Miss Ethel HUFFMAN went to Prophetstown Wednesday evening where she spent Thanksgiving with her grandparents.

December 4, 1903
The Christian Ladies wish to express sincere thanks to those who voluntarily assisted them with their Thanksgiving dinner.

December 4, 1903
Fred SHANKS and Amanda THILEN Married Thanksgiving - HELLIER-COOLEY Nuptials.
Fred SHANKS of this place and Miss Amanda THILEN of Morrison were united in marriage Thanksgiving noon in Morrison at the home of Mrs. Ernest WEAVER a sister of the bride. Only a few close relatives witnessed the ceremony which was performed by Rev. ANDREWS, the pastor of the Baptist church. Thanksgiving dinner was served after the couple had been congratulated by the guests.
Mr. SHANKS, the groom, is very well known here and until recently had ben engaged in the restaurant business here. He is well liked and has numerous friends. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry THILEN of Round Grove. She is a pleasant young lady well known in Morrison and the vicinity of her home.
Mr. and Mrs. SHANKS made a short trip to Chadwick and then came here and are making their home in the house owned by the groom on Market street. The friends of the young couple extend their congratulations.

Miss Emily HELLIER and Charles COOLEY were married Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock at the Christian parsonage, Rev. S.V. WILLIAMS performing the ceremony which untied the couple. The marriage rites were witnessed by only a few close friends and relatives. After the ceremony the wedding party went to the home of Mrs. Robt. HELLIER, Sr., when a wedding supper was served and an informal reception held for the bride and groom.
The bride is a well known Tampico young lady and is a step-daughter of Mrs. Robt. HELLIER, Sr. She is a young lady who is well liked by all of her friends.
The groom is a prosperous young farmer and belongs to a prominent Yorktown family. He is a son of Frank COOLEY and is a popular young man both in the vicinity of his home and of xxx xxx. Xxxx xxx make their home on Mr. COOLEY's grand father's farm near Yorktown which he will conduct.
Both of the young people have any amount of friends who extend congratulations.

December 4, 1903
Mr. and Mrs. Geo DRAYTON entertained Mr. and Mrs. Thos. DRAYTON and family and Mr. and Mrs. Joe DRAYTON and family at Thanksgiving.

December 4, 1903
New Bedford
Fred SEYMOUR and wife of Taxxx visited at O.K. HALL's last Friday.
Frank GIBSON of Prophetstown was visiting in this vicinity last week.
F.J. ANDERSON and family xxx Thanksgiving in Tampico.
Miss Bessie WOOD was a Princeton caller last Friday
Ben JOHNSON is husking corn for XX ALEXANDER.
C.W. ANDERSON our butter maker xx quite sick with tonsilitis.
Frank DRAPER and Charles HUNTER xxx putting in the bowling ally for C XX SWAN.
Nels TRUDSON came home last xx day, he has been husking corn for xx son, John, the past two weeks.
Dr. WAHL of Tampico was callxxx O.K. HALL's last Thursday. Mr. XXX is very low with peritonitus.
D.D. DRAPER and August ANDERSON attended a sale at Erie last Wednesday.
Rev. BENNETT who is conducting xx revival meetings was called away Saturday to attend the funer of his mother-in-law but returned in time to lead the meeting Monday evening.
A large crowd gathered at H. Xxx XXXXX's last Saturday eveing to give him a pleasant surprise on the anniversary of his birthday. Anxxx xxter supper was served and every one had an enjoyable time.

December 4, 1903
Mr. and Mrs. T.O. STEADMAN entertained the following guests Thanksgiving, Wm. WATERHOUSE and family, of Walnut, Ed. RUPLE, wife and son, Harry. S.B. STEADMAN and family, Glen STEADMAN and Frank SMITH.

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