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Newton Families of Colonial Connecticut Vol II Author: Clair Alonzo Newton Call Number: R929.2 N56 v.2 A genealogical and historical account of the descendants of Thomas, Samuel, and Alonzo Newton, among others, of Connecticut from 1639 to 1949. Bibliographic Information: Newton, Clair Alonzo. Newton Families of Colonial Connecticut. Naperville, ILL: N.p., 1949.

Newton Families of Colonial Connecticut Vol II

John A. J. Whipple in conference at Aurora Oct. 5 1882 was sent to Tampico, according to Methodist rules as on trial and could not perform marriages, and Alonzo would go and here he married Nov. 23 1882 John Glassburn to Mary Ferres. Mch. 14 1883 Jed Badgley to Emma Stilson. Oct. 16 1884 Mr. Browel to Mame Bagly. Sister Minnie came home for Christmas 1881 and remained Jan 1882 birth of Viva on 15th. Good horses were appreciated then, and John had one named Nab which made wonderful time bringing him from Tampico.

The Hovey Book , Page 438 70 | |Giotto, (???) | 375 | |Glassburn, John W. | 392 | | Mary | 392 | | Olive

1889 SILAS BILLINGS HOVEY9, born in Albany, Vt., March 29, 1861. He lives at Independence, Iowa, being secretary and one of the Jones & Hovey Company, builders and operators of five large electric and gas plants in Iowa and Missouri. He married Mary, daughter of John W. and Olive (Johnston) Glassburn Sept. 19, 1883, at Tampico, Ill. Their children were born in Independence, as follows:-- 2140--I. GLENN GLASSBURN10, born March 20, 1892; lives at home. 2141--II. SHERMAN PLAYFUL10, born Jan. 19, 1897; lives at home. 2142--III. FERN10, born Nov. 7, 1899.

The Hovey Book Author: no author This book contains the history and genealogy of the Hovey family of Ipswich, Massachusetts. Bibliographic Information: The Hovey Book. Lewis R. Hovey. Massachusetts. 1913.

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