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Tampico Tornado

Thursday, August 1, 1946



Manager Paul Lane announces that the Tampico Theatre will open Friday night of this week  with a double feature, "The Crime of the Century" starring Stephanie Bachelor and Michael Browne,. Paired with mystery thriller will ge "Home on the Range" in natural colors and starring Monte Hale and Adrian Booth.

On Sunday and Monday Clark GableGarson will be featured inv"Adventure," Gable's first picture since his release from the army.

The popular star Bonita Granville will tell "The Turth About Murder" on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Mr. Lane and h is helpers have put in long days during the past few weeks cleaning and  redecorating the entire placy. The latest type Simplex projectors and sound system have been installed, guaranteeing pictures that can be seen and heard.  The booth has been enlargd and is now absolutely fireproof.

New seats have been ordered but delivery and installation cannot be made for a few weeks so the old ones have been cleaned and repaired and will be used until the new ones get here.

Shows will be held every night but Thursday. Starting time will be at 7:00 except Saturday and Sunday. On Saturdaythe show will start at 6:00 and Sunday shows will be continuuous from 2:30 to 11:00.


The theatre is a community project, the stock being owned by town people and farmers in this area. The original plan was to erect a new builidng but government regulations prevented this, so the building that had served as a movie in the past was purchased  by the corporation.

All of the equipment that has been purchased can be used in the new building when regulations are lifted and satisfactory materials can again be obtained.

The officers of the corporation are:

President, Paul Lane

Vice President, Arthur Aldrich

Secretary, Harry Hurd, Jr.

Treasurer, L. E. Chapin

Manager, Paul Lane

Directors, Paul Lane, Richard Kelly, Jr., Arthur Aldrich,  L. E. Chapin and Harry Hurd, Jr.

There are 159 stockholders in the theatre which is incorporated under the laws of Illinois.

[The TAHS has the theatre seats in the musuem]

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