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Looking for old photos of our home in Tampico. Prior owners were: ALDRICH, CAIN, BACON, TEACH, HURLBERT, SMITH, BALDWIN,CANTLIN,BURDEN,WINKLER & TORNOW. We've dated it back "pictorially" to 1907, but the parcel was sold in late 1800's. Not sure when the house was actually built. It was a backdrop for a lot of pictures since the old Reagan School was directly across the street (where Tampico grade school is now). Many organizations met there and took group pictures outside. When facing North, our house is visible in the pictures. Any information on this house or old pictures to share, would be greatly appreciated. Contact: Denise at tahs@thewisp.net Thank you

Les_N 11/21/01 2:40pm Post Reply 
Denise, I'm interested in Sarah E. BALDWIN. I have a tie to a Sarah E. (nee JONES) who married Joel Manning BALDWIN in Princeton, IL on 11/5/1896. Is this the same Sarah E BALDWIN, I wonder? Les

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