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Articles & Local History > 1925 - CEMETERY DIRECTORS HELD MEETING



The Board of Directos of the Tampico Cemetery Association met in the offic of the Farmers' Elevator lst Friday night and transcacted considerable business, adopting some regulations in regard to conducting the affairs of the association which should result in much better service and satisfaction to all interested.

The association was formed and the land for the cemetery purchsased July 12, 1882, and some of the lots purchased inthose early days are not yet paid for, and thee is a large amount ofmoney due for lots bought since by various parties. to clean up these matters, it was voted toinstruct the treasurer toproceed to collect balances due, and that hereafter, all lots purchased must be settled for by cash or bankable note before possession is given or any grave dug, and these instructions will be carried out to the letter.

The matter of what material should be used for driveways was discussed at length, and in order that lall driveways shall be uniform, it was voted that all driveways constructed in the cemetery should consist of paralell strips of concrete, two feet whide, eight feet from outside to outside, with a four strip of grass between, said strips to be notover oneinch above the level of the ground. This  method of making the driveways was estimated to cost but little more than gravel and to be much more sightly and with little expense for upkeep.

Messrs. Jed Badgley, L. E. Smith and Albert Rerris were named as a committee.

Another matter which came up was that of thedisposal oflots which have never been paid for and which con******less. It was decided to give the parties an opportunity to settle up, failing to do which the association will sell the unoccupied portions of the lots, which will be declared vacant upon refusal or failure of the purchasers to settle for thelots.

The association means business and will proceed to collect as far as possible all arrears, giving all a fair chance to settle, but forcing payment if necessary, and hereafter will conduct a cash business in fairness tothose who do pay up.

As the time is fast approaching when more land will be needed, the proper officials were authorized to purchase an additional four and onehalf acres adjooining at an agreed price of $1200.

On Tuesday, Mesdames James H. Cooley, E. C. Bollenbach and T. F. Dillon were taken to Rock Falls and Starting by Mr. Bollebach to interview those residents there who have lots in the cemetery here, and they report a most cordial and courteous reception and a ready response in the way of donations to the fund, raising over $90 to apply on the work to be done. They were very glad to see so much interest taken in the movement by the out of town people and feel thattheywill be able to carry out their plans in full.


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