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The following email was sent by Christina Connor. Click on her highlighted name below to contact her.

Christina Connor - yOUR WEB-SITE IS A DREAM COME TRUE. i cant believe i found it. 1.) in your cemetery listings, under MILLY ANN BRECKENRIDGE, THE HEADSTONE READS, AND SON. The son's name is GEORGE ERASTUS BRECKENRIDGE. BORN- 4 JAN 1849; LEE, BERKSHIRE CO, MASSACHUSETTS. DIED 21 DEC 1910; RED EYE TOWNSHIP, WADENA COUNTY, MINNESOTA. His family transported him back to family cemetery. His wife is buried in minnesota, as she died much later, and his son, in montana. (the two empty gravespots nearby.) HENRY D. is the father, JOHN D. is a son, the big headstone, of CARRIE LUTYENS, IS HIS SISTER. and SADIE (SARAH) BLEITZ is his daughter CLARISSA WHEELOCK , IS MILLYANN'S MOHTER, AND SAMUEL L. WHEELCOK, IS MILLYANN'S BROTHER, and all the little wheelocks, in the left hand corner of the cemetery, are his children, etc. when reporting on histories of TAMPICO, PLLLLEEEEAAASE, do not forget the breckenridges, and the wheelocks, we are there as early as the 1860 census, and we moved there sometime c.1850. GEORGE BRECKENRIDGE left c. 1903, I'm not certain whether the whole family went at one time. That means my grandfather, JAMES HENRY BRECKENRIDGE, probably attended school there, throughout his education. I read that TAMPICO SCHOOLS produced more teachers; he attended normal school either while they lived in TAMPICO, or when they arrived in MINNESOTA. he taught the small school, which is still standing, in RED EYE/ SEBEEKA TWSHP. MILLYANN and HENRY D. were first cousins, and millyann's family, and that of her mother CLARISSA, are MAYFLOWER DESCENDANTS. The BRECKENRIDGES came from scotland, in the late 1600's to MASSACHUSETTS, kicked out of first scotland, and then ireland for their protestant ways. GEORGE ERASTUS BRECKENRIDGE's first wife, was KATE DORATHAY. I am descended down the second wife, but I know for a fact their are still DORATHAYs in the area, and I am positive there are descendants of the WHEELOCKs still there.

Christina Conner

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