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OLSON FAMILY - In 1889, three brothers, Benjamin, Johan and Ingerman Olson came from Virasted Lan, Sweden to Greenvifie Township, Bureau County, near New Bedford where they began farming on 120 acres. In the fall of 1890, Ingerman's wife, Emma, brought their three children, Alfred age 9½, Amanda age 5½ and Elfreda Matilda age 1½ to this country. The family moved to another farm in Bureau County and lived in a log house at the time Sigrid was born in 1893. They were living on the Whittington Farm in Fairfield Township when Boline was born in 1895. In 1898 they moved to the Old Ruck Homestead near Thomas which they rented for 5 years and then bought for $55.00 per acre. In 1913 the family moved to Tampico and into the house where Tilda still lives. Amanda married Red Sandrock and they had 5 children: Harvey, Roberta, Evalyn, Everett and Orville. They farmed in Bureau County, near Thomas. Harvey and Roberta still live on the farm. Harvey married Clarice Blackert and they have 3 children: Ronald, Paulette and Cheryl. Ronald farms with his father. Evalyn married Ronald Gibson and they have 2 sons: Daryl and Leon. Leon owns the Funeral Chapel in Port Byron. Alfred and Boline were members of threshing crews throughout this area and also in the Dakotas and Nebraska. Before he passed away, Alfred managed the Thomas Farm. Boline attended the Scovifie School of Business in Sterling and was in the First World War, being stationed in France. Boline was a rural mail carrier in Tampico from April 15, 1924 until his retirement Sept. 10, 1970. Sigrid married Nels Pierson, who bought the blacksmith shop from Charles Smith and operated it for 29 years. The shop was located where the Tampico Fire Station now stands. Sigrid and Nels had two children: Nadine who is marned to Gene Mack, and Nels Leo who married Grace Kramer. Nadine and Gene have 4 children and Nadine is employed by a Bank in Mt. Prospect. Nels Leo and Grace have 2 children and he is the Treasurer of the Chicago Motor Club. Boline married Alice Wetzell and they have 3 daughters: Joan who is married to Gary Johnson, Betsy who is married to David Hoover, and Ava who is married to Byron Hanrahan. Joan and Gary have one son Terry, they farm soutwest of Tampico and Joan is Cashier of Tampico National Bank. Betsy and David have one son, Benjamin. David works at Northwestern Steel and Wire Co. and Betsy works part-time in Tampico National Bank. Byron and Ava have two children, Jifi and Byron John and Byron works for Fosco Fabri- cators of Dixon.

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