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From Ronald Reagan Birthplace

When volunteers Shirley Lester, Bill Widolff and Joyce Cole showed up at the Ronald Reagan Birthplace in Tampico last Tuesday, they were greeted in an unusual manner. Apparently they had a visitor during non-business hours. This was evident by the message left by a traveler from Florida.

He had gone off the beaten path and found his way to Tampico.  When he arrived in the quiet little town, it was after hours. None of the businesses were open, including the Birthplace. Another person may have been irritated and left another kind of note. That was not the case for this travelor. He saw it as an opportunity to leave a message at the one-time-home of his hero, Ronald Reagan. The message read:

Mr. President,
You are the greatest President the world has ever seen. You had freed my country Hungary and the world from leftist, freeloading barbarians. Your name alone will strike fear into Communists and freeloaders everywhere for centurys [sic] to come. God bless you and your family.
Sincerely, An American Citizen from Florida - Tom Liebel and Family.

The note was written on poster board with a bouquet of fresh roses next to it.

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