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Sterling Standard, Sterling, IL Oct. 19, 1893, 6;3

Tampico still contributes her share of visitors to the World's Fair.

A painting class is talked of.

Jared Rogers will soon have a new barn on the site of the one burned.

Jerry Kelly will soon be numbered among the violinists. He is taking lessons of Fred Allen.

Mabel Gifford and Bertha Brown spent a few days of last week at Hume with Miss Mabel's  sister, Mrs. Frank Stuart.

The new butcher shop is doing a thriving business.

The phonograph in town last week attracted the school children's attention.

Mrs. J. Kimball visited in Prophetstown last week.

Miss Esther McKenzie, of Iowa, is visiting with relatives and friends in Tampico and Yorktown.

John LaRue was all smiles last Saturday over the arrival of a young son heir at his home./

Miss Hannah Willey went down to Prophetstown last Saturday, returning Monday. While there she visited her friend, Miss Willy Reynolds.

Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Leonard went to Mednota last Saturday to meet the children of Enoch Hays. The children will remain here while the parents visit Chicago.

William Lane and two sons, Clark and Frank, spent last week in Chicago.

Mr. G. Love took his two daughters, Grace and Leona, and two sons, Giddeon and Preston, to view Jackson Park last week.

John Daily, proprietor of one of the restaurants, has grown very saving of his dimes and nickles. Well, no wonder; that little girl will soon need hats.

The interior of Tom Glassburn's house on Main Street is being remodeled. It is to be the future post-office.

The house of Giles Stilson, on Glassburn St., has been newly painted and papered. Mr. and Mrs. Stilson will soon move there. The house they vacate will be occupied by John Glassburn.

Mr. and Mrs. Hinkie, of Chauncey, Ohio, parents of Mrs. Jessie Van Bibber, arrived last Saturday and are making their daughter a pleasant visit.

One of our estimable young men saw enough of the Fair in one day to satisfy him. He started from home about midnight on Sunday last, that he  might reach Chicago early on Chicago Day. After enjoying the sights all day, be became separated form his friend with whom he went, and could not find his hotel where he had left his belongings, as he did not know the number of street. So he startled for the depot and home. He succeeded in finding the depot Tuesday forenoon and sank into a seat a sadder though a wiser young man.

The marriage of Rev. G. A. Wells and M. Adelle Smith, both of this place, occurred at the M.E.  church, Monday, Oct. 9, 1893. Rev. Thomas Ream and Miss Ina Smith acted as grooms,man and bridesmaid Mr. and Mrs. Wells accompanied Mrs. Wells' sister, Alice, to her home in Wisconsin on Tuesday morning. They will visit her father and sister for a couple of weeks, and return by way of the World's Fair.

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