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Articles & Local History > 1874 Assessments of Tornado Damage in Tampico

Extracted from the Sterling Standard, 1874

June 11, 1874 (last column)
TAMPICO IN RUINS - During the heavy storm that prevailed here on Saturday evening, about 10 o'clock, a whirlwind passed over a portion of this county, going over Lyndon high in air, touching Prophetstown slightly, and working ruin in the village of Tampico. As far as we learn most of the village is either destroyed or blown from foundations. The two elevators were entirely demolished, the passenger depot, and many dwellings were demolished or lifted from their foundations. Mrs. J. G. Banes had her leg broken in two places. An infant of Mrs. Dow's was reported to have been blown away and not found until morning, when it was discovered in a pile of rubbish, unhurt and fast asleep. Miss Maria Banes had her face bruised and severe concussion of the brain - very serious, recovery doubtful. Mr. J. G. Banes and several other persons were somewhat injured, but none seriously. Mrs. Piersall, shoulder dislocated and Mrs. Gates the same.

The following buildings are totally destroyed: one elevator, capacity 25,000 bushels; one elevator smaller, hay press, Mr. Williams' residence, A. Bastian's house, two houses of Humphrey estate, A. Gurnan's house, J. G. Banes' hotel, M. E. Church, C. Down's house, Gates' Pump Factory, F. Smith's house, G. W. Piersall's house, Haskins' shoe shop, Collins and Maxfield's blacksmith shop. Among some of the injured are Merritt & McGees store, Geo. Dee's house, E. W. High's house, McMillan's tenement house, Davis', Dee's and Burke's stores, and numerous others of which we cannot particularize. Total loss is estimated at $25,000 to 30,000. A great many of our citizens went over on Monday and Tuesday. Dr. Anthony reports having visited many of the injured, and that all are doing very well. James Adams, with his usual enterprise, took his photographic apparatus over and obtained several fine views of the ruins, which he has on sale at his gallery.

Oct. 8, 1874
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On petition of the citizens of Tampico for abatement of taxes on property destroyed on the evening of the 7th of June last by tornado, your committee would recommend that the following named persons be allowed an abatement for the amount per cent set opposite their respective names on the assessed valuation:
Robert Collins on Lt. 2, Blk 21, 10 per cent
M. R. Jones    "  "  4, Blk 21,  5 per cent
John Paice      "  "  8, Blk 21, 10 per cent
Geo. Dee(?)     "  "  9, Blk 21, 60 per cent
Peter Burk    "  " 10, Blk 21, 23 per cent
J. Conroy    " 12&13, Blk 21, 33 per cent
Chas. Luther    "     3, Blk 22, 33 per cent
Wm. J. McGee    "     4, Blk 22, 23 per cent
W. Taylor    "    11, Blk 23, 23 per cent
Wm. Cramphie    "     1, Blk 24, 75 per cent
B. F. Williams    " 1,2&2, Blk 25, 55 per cent
J. W. Glassburn    " 6,7&8, Blk 25,100 per cent
J. W. Glassburn "     4, Blk 27, (blank)
J. J. Van Valkenburgh, Lt. 1&2, Blk 29, 10 per cent
Humphrey, Est.    " Lt. 3,4&6  Blk 26, 63 per cent
Timothy Guynana    " Lt. 12&18, Blk 26, 27 per cent
Eli Cain    "    2&4, Blk 29, 30 per cent
J. J. Allen    " Lt.     4, Blk 29, 20 per cent
C Dow,         " Lt.     5, Blk 67(?), 25 per cent    
George Si*tler    " Lt.     5, Blk 21, 21 per cent
Liva Cain    " Lt.     8, Blk 22, 15 per cent
Glassburn & Bryant personal property, 25 per cent
J.Kem - personal property, 40 per cent
J. G. Banes - same, 66 per cent
D. M Millan - same, 25 per cent

On petition of E Y Lane for abatement of taxes on Grove Lodge property, therefore your committee would recommend that none be allowed.

On petition of S.L. Wilder, for abatement on land in sec. 32, 33, and 34, town 20, range 8, E, your committee have examined assessor's books and find lands of same quality surrounding said land assessed at higher figures, therefore your committee would recommend that none be allowed.

On petition of Daniel Hollingshead, for abatements of taxes on lots 2 & 3, sec. 7, town 22, range 4, E, and lots 4 & 2, sw qr, sec. 8, town 22, range 4, said property having been greatly damaged by the overflowing of Otter Creek on the 1st day of June, 1874, your committee would recommend an abatement of 25 per cent on assessed valuation of said lands.

On petition of Joshua Hollingshead, for abatement of taxes on lot 1, sec. 7, town 22, range 4, E, said property been greatly damaged by the overflowing of Otter Creek on the 1st day of June, 1874. Your committee would recommend an abatement of 25 percent on assessed valuation of said lands.

On petition of J. S. Miller Jr., executor of estate of John S. Miller, your committee would ask for further time to investigate the matter, and your committee would recommend that the clerk be authorized to make all the necessary alterations upon the tax books recommended in the report. All of which respectfully submitted.
J. C. Paddock
H. F. Batchellee

[James Adams gallery located at 490 3rd St., Sterling, IL]

July 16, 1874
RE-BUILDING - We are pleased to notice that our neighbors of Tampico, are putting forth strenuous efforts to replace the
buildings torn down and destroyed by the tornado, about a month ago. The elevators are being replaced and new buildings are
growing up on every side. The Tampico business men are possessed of vim and engery, and will, no doubt, succeed. The committee
estimate the loss of the town by the tornado at $70,000. [Spike]


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