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Articles & Local History > 2011 - Bertha Driessens' 95th Birthday

by: Terry Gaskill


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R&B DUTCH DINER HONORS BERTHA DRIESSENS ON HER 95TH BIRTHDAY The R&B Dutch Diner held a birthday party for Bertha Driessens to honor her on her 95th Birthday and many friends and relatives attended. Butch McNinch co-owner of the R&B Dutch Diner made a 3 layer cake, pictured with chocolet cake on the bottom layer, white cake for the middle layer, and spice cake for the top layer. The party was held at the diner on Thursday March 3rd, Bertha's Birthday, at 10:30 a.m. and punch and coffee was also served compliments of the diner and everyone had a wonderful time and with the left over cake the diner gave some for those that had noon lunch at the diner. Bertha has done so much for not only her church which she attends the St. Marys Catholic Church in Tampico but she is involved in Tampico Historical Society and is on the Tampico Area Long Range Planning Committee and keeps very active for her young age of 95 and has the honor of being the eldest resident in Tampico. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BERTHA AND WISH YOU MANY MORE! Bertha is noted for being a wonderful pie maker also! (Picture submitted March 4, 2011)

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