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Submitted by Les Niemi


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Lauer Dow and son Durrell

Submitted by Les Niemi

This is a photograph of my g grandfather Lauer DOW who married Daisy HOGEBOOM. Setting on Lauer's lap is his oldest son Durrell. Lauer, as you can tell from this photograph was an electrical engineer who helped with the electrification of the Tampico, Yorktown and Rock Falls area. He was also an electrician at the power plant in Fulton in 1894.

This photograph was taken ca 1898. Later they would move to San Francisco and be a part of the electrical boom that was going on as the west coast turned to electricity as a way of life. They were there when the great earthquake hit in 1906 - wiping out all of their earthly possessions.

They came back to the Tampico area for a brief stay on their way to Midland Michigan where Lauer was employed by the Dow Chemical Company, to operate the large electrical pumps pulling brine from the deep wells in that area. Lauer would die in Midland at age 49 in 1915 leaving his wife, Daisy, and 5 children at home. Tragically, 3 years later Daisy died at home while Durrell was "off to war" in France fighting the Germans and the four other children were in the home. Unfortunately, the spring floods prevented relatives from getting to Daisy and the children and the funeral arrangements were delayed for several days.

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