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Roxana Dow

Daughter of Thomas Dow & Susan Gray Born: Nov. 11, 1838, Michigan

Died: Aug. 30, 1905, Tampico, IL

Married: Jos. Kemp, Oct. 22, 1875, Tampico, IL

Info taken from gen chart of Thomas Dow/Nabby Daniels, subi\mitted by Les Niemi. Gen chart can be found in our "Family Histories" section of website. (See the Table of Contents) A Poem For Ma - Roxanna (nee DOW) KEMP

Submitted by Les Niemi 22 Feb 2002:

This poem was written and published in the Tampico Tornado newspaper by my gg grandfather's cousin Roxanna (nee DOW) KEMP, wife of Joseph KEMP, September 12, 1891. Roxanna's mother was Susan GRAY, wife of Thomas Jefferson DOW. Susan died November 2, 1887 and is buried in the Yorktown Fairfield cemetery. T.J. DOW had died 15 years earlier; and is also buried in the Fairfield cemetery. Roxanna died in 1905 and Joseph in 1902. Both are buried in the Tampico cemetery:

A Tear for Ma.
How can I keep back a tear for ma, she is on another shore She is not coming along the pathway now, that leads to the open door. Alas her poor trembling limbs do rest, it is quiet there I know, Where the birds sing in the summer time, and sport in the winter snow. I would be glad to know about the hills where masters moved at last, That dear sweet summer retreat where the angels held her fast; They must have told her lots of things, and bid her not to cry. On her forehead placed a diadem that glit- ters in the sky. I am sure she has callers all the time, so many has took rooms, While scrambling up the mount of God, some are hurried on too soon. The Father that owns the dwelling there, is a husband kind and true, I'm sure he is never at a loss to know what is best to do. Maybe she will watch the train that, going through the halls, Thinks I will come along where she flits above the walls. Then she will be first to show me the room where lay a harp and song, For I hope in the Royal King's Palace, is where my room belongs. -Roxanna (nee DOW) KEMP

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