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Articles & Local History > 1977 - BUSINESS: Schmitt Funeral Home Is End of an Era in Tampico

Echo, Jan. 19, 1977, p. 8

The retirement of Jeanne and Bill Schmitt from the mortuary business marks the end of thelalst family owned business to be in existence in Tampico before 1900. With the sale of the business the end of an era has passed. 

Mr. William Parent established the mortuary business in 1895 and in 1917 employed his son and daughter-in-law, McKenzie H. and Ethel B. Parent, as funeral directors, as funeral directors and embalmers. After William Parent's death in 1931 his widow, Edith May Parent, continued to operate the business as E. Parent Furniture and Undertaking and upon her death in 1934 Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Parent took over as owners and oerators. 

The present retirees, H. W. (Bill) Schmitt, nephew of M. H. Parent, and Jeanne  Schmitt bought the chapel Jan. 1, 1961 and have operated the business until Jan. 1, 1977, when it was sold to Allen-Funeral Home. It will continue to operate in the Tampico community as the Allen, Schmitt, and Garland Funeral Chapel. The community wishes them much success. 

Friends of the Schmitt's who have watched their business grow and prosper through the years may be pleased to attend a reception in honor of their retirement on Sunday, Jan. 23, at the Catholic Parish Hall from 2 to 5 p.m.

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