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THS Alumni Reunion 2014

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The 86th meeting of the Tampico High School Alumni was attended by 88 members and guests from Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri, Montana, Washington and Wisconsin at the Deer Valley Country Club in Deer Grove. The welcome was given by Joan Johnson and the invocation by Richard Wetzell. After a delicious meal a short business meeting was held.The roll of classes was presented by Betsy Hoover. Anita Bane Wildman was the first to respond from the Class of 1936 (78 years). Arlyn Cady of the class of 1942 and Arthur Johnson of the class of 1943 were next to respond.Attending from the Class of 1944 (70 years) were Janice Munson Anderson, Bob VanDeVelde and Bob Cassens.Attending from the Class of 1954 (60 years) were Rita Ann Burke Deets, James Nuelle, Jane Bishop Palmer, Donna Johnson Satterfield, Irving Stewart, JoAnn Spears Stewart, Carol Johnson White, Victor White II and Velma Heeren Zimmerman. Attending from the Class of 1964 (50 years) were – Charlyne Hamblock Casalena, Violet Rose Fossum, Carol Greenwood Fox, Lorraine Berge Gaskill, Terry Gaskill, Cheryl Donnelly Perrizo, Linda Nutt Sanders, Clarence Schindel, Jerrie Schindel, Mary Sue Burgess Smith and Gary Snitchler.


Deceased members for the past year were reported by James Nuelle as follows: Paul Kaiser, Donald Brophy, Rev. Lauren Gerber, Dorothy Varney Moews, Thelma Forward Blum, Thelma Rosene Eilers, Bette Schultz Sherman, Ora Newman, Charles Adams, Mary Jane Christofferson Wetzell, James Stevens, Patty Tornow Fritsch, Jane Hasselman Kerwin, Larry Sandrock, Harold Grimes, Rosalind Mathias Reed, Roger Chriest, Milo Smith, Gerald Franks, Gailya Chapin, Priscilla Heeren Shelton .A moment of silence followed.

If anyone knows of an alumnus who hasn't received a notice of the annual meeting, please contact Joan Johnson so the records can be updated. Anita Nuelle Yeager prepares the annual mailing lists, but as people move we need to be apprised of any address changes.

Door prizes were furnished by Sandrock Insurance Agency, Tampico Banking Center of Peoples Bank of Kewanee, Ronald Reagan Birthplace and Johnson Oil (Arthur Johnson).The rest of the evening was spent visiting and reminiscing.   Next year's annual gathering will be held June 26, 2015 at Deer Vally Country Club in Deer Grove, IL. 

Class photos: https://picasaweb.google.com/105896818813466091326/THSAlumniReunion2014?authuser=0&feat=directlink


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