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Many surnames listed in this article.

An article in the ECHO, October 3, 1984

Editor's Note: Over the past couple of years, Daisy Seymour Nokes of Joshua Tree, CA, formerly of Tampico, IL, has been writing articles of Tampico as it was in earlier years.  This article is the last of the those articles and deals with names and events remembered yet by a few folks in Tampico and the surrounding area.

 According to Mrs. Nokes, this last article is dedicated to Mrs. Mabel Ruck Denison, that "wonderful lady with whom my daughter Elsie and I stayed while (in Tampico) for the Centennial Celebration in 1975, and who is my senior by one year and one month...She was a member of that illustrious FUN SEE CLUB that spun my life around with my wedding shower."

 High School, P.O.P., (Persons, Opinions and Portraits) and a FUN SEE SHOWER. Three teachers and three report cards from 6th, 7th & 8th grades sent me into Hight School ready for almost anything, I thought.  Hattie Turner, a 6th, was always neat as a pin, and a darling, Leslie Denison, 7th & 8th, was a mathematics specialist, who added spice to his classes by his specialty remark: "Behave yourselves, or I'll knock your heels together and throw you out the window!" He was strict and a good teacher. No spit balls in HIS classroom!

In reviewing my report cards - approximately 80 years old - it seems that in later years systems of grading have varied from the exact specific number graading to the A B C system to the very general SATISFACTORY or UNSATISFACTORY grading, so that no child, bright or less gifted, would be over praised or needlessly discouraged by measurements and comparisons. However, with the old system we knew where we stood relative to our OWN progress. There is a system which allows only perhaps two A's to a class, several B's and mostly C's - and of necessity then an F or two. So even though three persons deserved A's, only two could receive them, one would have to be satisfied with a B. And which one? The old report cards suit me fine.

High School years passed by quite uneventfully, with extra activities of school propgrams, readings, talks and plays both in school and in church, ending with the graduation in 1905 of three famous graduates: Lewis La Due, Inez Remington and Daisy Seymour. Since Inez's sister had the Millinary Store, we girls really wore hats of distinction to blend with Lewis' derby! Our diplomas were approximately 14' x 11" in size and were dated June 12, 1905, and signed by Thos. J. Haney, Principal, H.L. Denison, President, O.D. Olsson, Clerk and Frank Davis.

Under schools and education in the 1975 Tampico Centennial Book, it is interesting to note that copies of  3 school programs are shown, High School Commenscements for 1904 abd 1905, and Annual School Entertainment for 1905.

All programs were given at Burden's Opera House.  Music for the 1904 graduation was furnished by Orchastra, Clio Quartette, Dr. & Mrs. Horner, Myrtle Lewis and Myrtle Emmons (duet), Mrs. R.N. Hellier (vocal solo), and Mary and Carl Richardson. Invocation and prayer were by Rev. Wright, the Address by Rev. Jokisch, Readings were given by Marion Stilson, Mrs. F. A. Brewer and Daisy Seymour.   

Music for the 1905 graduation was furnished by the Orchastra, Clio Quartette, A. E. Wimmer (solo), Mrs. Wiliams (Sign Singing), Misses Wylie and West (duet), and F. F. Buren (cornet solo). Invocation by Rev. Wright, Address by Prof. Haney (presentation of Class), Graduation Address by Prof. Parson, DeKalb Normal School, and Closing Prayer by Rev. Armstrong. Each of the graduates gave Orations on their chosen subjects: Inez Remington, Lewis LaDue, and myself, Daisy Seymour, while Mrs. Brewer gave a reading Indian Club Swining.

 But the program I should like to hear again is the 1905 Annual School Entertainment.  Subjects included: Bewitched Breakfast, Ride of Jennie McNeil, The Tramps Song, Not Built That Way, Baby For Sale, Sunbonnet Babies Primer, The Little Evangelist, A Boy's Troubles My Baby's Kiss, A Woman's Strike, and a play comedy, Aunt Betsey's Namesake. Participants included: Martha Stilson, Linnie Denison, Kenneth Hughes, Irene Donahue, Ellin Collins, Kenneth Stone, Marguerite Burden, John Darby, Mae Stilson, Frank David, Clarence Quaintance, Lenna Craddock, Hazel Davis, Hazel Brown, Hubert Darby, Florence Morgan, Ida Morse, and George Adams. Characters for the play were taken by Frank Davis, Clifford Wheelock, Linnie Denison, Daisy Seymour, Myrtle Emmons and Edna Pierce.

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