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Source: Los Angeles Times, Page A3, February 16, 1942

Doctor Found Hanging in Hotel

Naturalized Native of Germany Feared F. B. I. Inquiry Says Companion

Clad in evening clothes, the body of Dr. Robert Weber, 63, Tampico (Ill.) physician was found last night hanging from a closet door of his hotel room at 851 S. Grand Ave.

Clyde Bunker, Dr. Weber's traveling companion, became alarmed at his friend's absence and summoned C. R. Gifford, assistant manager of the hotel, who broke into the room and discovered the body, suspended by a noose fashioned from the victim's underwear.

Bunker told Detective Lieutenants Jack McCreadle and Gene Bechtel that Dr. Weber, a native of Germany, had become despondent, fearing that he might be investigated by the F. B. I., although Bunker said he had become a naturalized citizen of this country.

A search of Dr. Weber's effects disclosed that he belonged to the Masonic and Shrine orders. The sum of $30 was found on his person. But the investigators were unable to find a clue to any possible relatives.

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