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Source: Tampico Tornado Newspaper, July 5, 1917


Four Tampico Young Men Enlist Under Uncle Sam's Flag At Recruiting Rally Here

Tampico has three soldier boys now with Company E at Rock Island doing their bit for Uncle Sam in guarding the arsenal and bridges there. Four Tampico boys, Thomas Collins, Walter Anderson, Willard Yarde and Fred Jacobs volunteered for service at the recruiting rally held in Tampico last week Wednesday evening when Lieut. Cullins and Col. Jacob Hoffatitler were here to secure recruits. The volunteers reported for duty at Rock Island and on being examined only three of them passed, Fred Jacobs being rejected on account of physical disabilities. The recruiting rally attracted a good sized crowd and Col. Hoffstitler made a fine patriotic appeal. Mayor Fred Smith also made some remarks and Lieut. Cullins explained about the service and what it meant and also answered questions. . Gordon Stickle another young man also went to Sterling with the recruits and tried to enlist in the navy but was too young.

Private Collins, Anderson and Yarde were given a furlough to come home over the Fourth and are here in their uniforms. Tampico citizens gave them a hearty greeting and is proud of its soldier boys.

Gover C. Pope has gone to Chicago to enlist in the army.


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