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Articles & Local History > Poem: "To My Mother" by Clara I. Kolb 1926

Source: Tampico Tornado, Thursday, May 6, 1926

To My Mother

One day when I was all alone

And wondering what to do

I chanced upon a great big book

All covered with mildew.

The pages were yellow with time

And as I turned them one by one,

I dreamed again of the bygone days

And re-lived them all alone.

As a child I knelt at Mother's knee

And list to her stories gay,

Which breathed of a beautiful life to come

And wasn't so far away.

Now I stand at life's great goal

But I find I stand alone,

For SHE who guided has passed beyond,

To HER I give this poem.

I worked and toiled the livelong day

That she might happy be

And now upon the other shore

She rests so peacefully.

I  stand today and face the world,

Fearless and strong and free,

In honor of the one who gave me birth

To struggle to do and be.

------ Clara I. Kolb

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